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Hot Topic: Flying

So I have seen a lot of people talking about the decision Blizzard made regarding flying, Basically for those out of the loop, Blizzard has decided that flying will NOT allow flying in Draenor and it sounded like they have no intention of allowing it in further expansions.

I have leveled 4 toons to 100 and personally I don’t mind being restricted to ground travel. Would I like to fly? Sure. However a lot of the content in draenor is best done without flying. The treasure chests in Nagrand is one example some of those are a nightmare to obtain. Glider’s Jumping from ledge to ledge etc. These would lose all the challenge if you could fly.

The garrison Stables Provide some nice perks, it allows you to remain mounted while gathering, it will also restrict you from getting dazed while riding. yes it does take up a large plot which a lot of people don’t have available.

People sometimes forget that Blizzard added flying in Silvermoon City and Eversong woods. same applies to the Exodar, Azuremyst Isle, or Bloodmyst Isle. I haven’t seen anyone complaining about this and these are the only zones Pre-MOP that you can’t fly in.

The Pandaren starting zone does not allow ANY mount, Including the heirloom chopper. Still no one complains about this fact.

We all leveled without flying and a lot of us can remember when there were no mounts until level 40. I think the problem here is that the WoW player base has become spoiled to flying and they now feel slighted because there is no flying.

If flying is a make or break point for you then you have lost most interest in the game before now.


The New Mount/pet run and Plans beyond

So for some reason I am drawn to the Pets/Mounts/Achievements again. So Daily and weekly I run a long route to attempt to get the ones I want.


[  ]  Utgarde Pinnacle Heroic: Reigns of the Blue Proto Drake

[  ] Quick tour of Storm Peaks, Looking for Time-Lost Proto Drake   (Yeah right lol)

[  ] Shattrah for the Fishing Daily (Still missing 2 Crockolisks) **Quest must be Crocolisks in the City**

[ x ] Heroic Setthekk Halls for Reigns of the Raven Lord    02/09/15

[  ] Stratholme: Death Charger’s Reign’s

[  ] Heroic Zul Gurub: Swift Zulian Panther

[  ] Tour of Deepholm for Aeonaxx for phosphorescent Stone Drake

[  ] Check for “Lost in the Deep Daily” Still need to get Pebble

[  ] Heroic Stonecore for “Vitreous Stone Drake

[  ] Heroic Vortex Pinnacle for “Drake of the North Wind

[  ] Hyjal Molten front Dailies , Trying to get the Scorched Stone

[  ] Vashjr: Quick look for Reign’s of Posedius

Ok, I admit it, Blizzard did well.

The title says it all. This expansion has some major glaring flaws. But overall blizzard has done well.

*Garrisons are interesting and time consuming.

*The raids are challenging enough to be entertaining but not so hard that you cry when going in one.

* The scenery is well done.

* The quests have good chains.


* Professions have been beaten into the ground. Raw materials are worthless

*The 3 crafted item limit seems stupid when you need 100 of a special crafting mat to make them.

*The flight paths are still not streamlined like they need to be.

I have levelled 3 toons to 100, Codex (Druid) Forzaken (Hunter) and druxus (Warlock) I haven’t done alot of healing yet. But I think Marksman spec on hunters is finally well balanced

Preparing for MoP

Everyone has already beaten these preparing for MoP post into the ground but I am behind the curve So I figure I would start late. I received a Beta invite and downloaded the beta. I haven’t actually logged in yet, I am hesitant to reveal too much of the new content to myself before launch because it will make the new feeling wear off that much quicker.

Currently on my Achievement  hunter I am trying to finish Loremaster before the expansion because blizzard has this evil habit of resetting the stupid thing everytime. As far as who to level when MoP comes out Forzaken (Hunter) will be first Forzaken was the first toon to level 70 and has led the way in every expansion pack so far. After that I am still undecided between Druid or Paladin. The paladin has been pretty much tank only since Wotlk And the druid has always been boom chicken. For MoP  the Druid is going to go Feral tank (I think the new in word is Guardian) I may keep the paladin as tank or might go healer. The Lock will probably be the last of the max level toon to move to 90 I enjoy playing the lock, I am just not any good at it.

I am leery of MoP my totally uneducated impression of it is the descent of WoW into more easy mode. I might log into the beta in the next day or 2 and poke around.