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Hot Topic: Flying

So I have seen a lot of people talking about the decision Blizzard made regarding flying, Basically for those out of the loop, Blizzard has decided that flying will NOT allow flying in Draenor and it sounded like they have no intention of allowing it in further expansions.

I have leveled 4 toons to 100 and personally I don’t mind being restricted to ground travel. Would I like to fly? Sure. However a lot of the content in draenor is best done without flying. The treasure chests in Nagrand is one example some of those are a nightmare to obtain. Glider’s Jumping from ledge to ledge etc. These would lose all the challenge if you could fly.

The garrison Stables Provide some nice perks, it allows you to remain mounted while gathering, it will also restrict you from getting dazed while riding. yes it does take up a large plot which a lot of people don’t have available.

People sometimes forget that Blizzard added flying in Silvermoon City and Eversong woods. same applies to the Exodar, Azuremyst Isle, or Bloodmyst Isle. I haven’t seen anyone complaining about this and these are the only zones Pre-MOP that you can’t fly in.

The Pandaren starting zone does not allow ANY mount, Including the heirloom chopper. Still no one complains about this fact.

We all leveled without flying and a lot of us can remember when there were no mounts until level 40. I think the problem here is that the WoW player base has become spoiled to flying and they now feel slighted because there is no flying.

If flying is a make or break point for you then you have lost most interest in the game before now.


WOD Healing


For some reason I haven’t been able to get into healing (Resto Druid) this expansion. Although not exactly sure I believe that it is the fact that I always seem to be in a catch-up mode. In MOP I was a competent healer until I got sidelined for my hunter. I was able to keep up with and outdo many of the other healers when needed.

My gear is decent not great but HM LFR level. I very rarely have problems with mana. The problem I am having is with power behind the heals. My heals seem very weak, I haven’t talked to any other resto druids so not sure if it is a druid problem or just me.

I have decided to give my healer a push and see what happens with a higher gear level. I know that LFR is a horrible way to judge HPS or DPS but I don’t feel like randomly sacrificing guildies so I can experiment. I am still enjoying being Horde but it was interesting to see how many fake friends you have.