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The New Mount/pet run and Plans beyond

So for some reason I am drawn to the Pets/Mounts/Achievements again. So Daily and weekly I run a long route to attempt to get the ones I want.


[  ]  Utgarde Pinnacle Heroic: Reigns of the Blue Proto Drake

[  ] Quick tour of Storm Peaks, Looking for Time-Lost Proto Drake   (Yeah right lol)

[  ] Shattrah for the Fishing Daily (Still missing 2 Crockolisks) **Quest must be Crocolisks in the City**

[ x ] Heroic Setthekk Halls for Reigns of the Raven Lord    02/09/15

[  ] Stratholme: Death Charger’s Reign’s

[  ] Heroic Zul Gurub: Swift Zulian Panther

[  ] Tour of Deepholm for Aeonaxx for phosphorescent Stone Drake

[  ] Check for “Lost in the Deep Daily” Still need to get Pebble

[  ] Heroic Stonecore for “Vitreous Stone Drake

[  ] Heroic Vortex Pinnacle for “Drake of the North Wind

[  ] Hyjal Molten front Dailies , Trying to get the Scorched Stone

[  ] Vashjr: Quick look for Reign’s of Posedius



I finally obtained thunderfury the other day. I have been working on this for well over a year now and the last 6 months have been waiting on 1 binding to drop. I wanted this weapon because it has one of the best looks in the game and having it separates me from a lot of the player population. Even by todays gold standards this is an expensive weapon. the stat differences are huge but I am still going to try to sneak it out a little and tank with it….Just can’t resist.



I have been running some of the old raids and have come to the conclusion that some of these old raids had a lot more work put into them than the new ones.

My favorite is Karazhan, from the moment you walk into kara you are hit with an eerie feeling and even the smallest detail reinforces this feeling.

You start with the ghostly stables, home of Attumen the Huntsman who is rumored to drop a mount. (Never for me apparently)

You then encounter Moroes and his ghostly guests who are dining on a wonderful meal of what looks like 200-year-old ham. Back when Kara was a progression raid Moroes used to be somewhat of a raid breaker because of the CC needed to successfully beat the encounter.

Next up on the list is Maiden of Virtue who resembles Freya. I sucked on the floor tiles many times during the maiden fight because of healer priorities. (And by the way for you tanks out there, She goes commando)

Next is my personal favorite The  Opera Event, which is one of four different encounters that changed weekly. I used to get the biggest laughs out of the little red riding hood encounter, there was just something about all these people running around in circles to avoid the Big Bad Wolf. The opera event takes place in the large theater of Kara with hundreds of guests watching. 

Once you beat the opera event you unlocked the side door to kara and started at the Broken Stairs, You had the option of giving Nightbane a try if you so desired but he had to be summoned with a special item and a lot of groups skipped him for this reason.

After a good number of trash pulls you bump into The Curator who dropped the old Tier 4 token. Most of my time on The Curator was listening to the raid leader scream out to DPS the sparks.

Hidden behind a bookcase further on is Terestian Illhoof who was a warlocks dream boss. Seed of Corruption, Seed of Corruption, Seed of Corruption, and after that… Seed of Corruption. Terestian Illhoof was an optional boss and most groups would skip him if a warlock was not in the group.  

This second part of Kara had some complicated trash pulls and a lot of them. You eventually worked your way up to Shade of Aran who I think wiped more new raiders than any other boss. When someone new to Kara asked about the fight the typical response was “You will be dead anyways so just watch and learn” The arcane explosion killed new people every time. On the positive side once you downed Shade of Aran you opened a teleport from the entrance back up to his room, So wipe recovery wa much quicker.

The next boss was Netherspite. At the time Netherspite was a major pain and most groups skipped him altogether. Corla, Herald of Twilight is much like Netherspite with a few major differences. In the Netherspite encounter the beams all have a good effect and a bad effect some people had to rotate in and out of the beams according to role or class to make the bad effects less of an impact.

The Chess event was next and it is one of the easier fights. If you told someone you wiped on the Chess event You would probably be laughed off of the server. The only way to describe the Chess event is to say that you take part in a game of chess as either Horde or Alliance versus the other. And you physically took over the chess Pieces.

Finally you climbed to the top of Kara and Encountered Prince Malchezaar. This encounter was hard for melee classes to get the hang of due to the number of times they would have to run away during an enfeeble. If they ran too slow one time they were dead.

Kara took a good 2 nights normally when you were on farm, due to the sheer size of the place. I would love to see Kara rebuilt into a cataclysm raid.  

In closing if you have the chance take a trip to kara if you never have, But be advised Kara had an Attunment and even though the attunment is gone you still need to have the key to get into the instance so have someone with the key come and unlock it for you.