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The New Mount/pet run and Plans beyond

So for some reason I am drawn to the Pets/Mounts/Achievements again. So Daily and weekly I run a long route to attempt to get the ones I want.


[  ]  Utgarde Pinnacle Heroic: Reigns of the Blue Proto Drake

[  ] Quick tour of Storm Peaks, Looking for Time-Lost Proto Drake   (Yeah right lol)

[  ] Shattrah for the Fishing Daily (Still missing 2 Crockolisks) **Quest must be Crocolisks in the City**

[ x ] Heroic Setthekk Halls for Reigns of the Raven Lord    02/09/15

[  ] Stratholme: Death Charger’s Reign’s

[  ] Heroic Zul Gurub: Swift Zulian Panther

[  ] Tour of Deepholm for Aeonaxx for phosphorescent Stone Drake

[  ] Check for “Lost in the Deep Daily” Still need to get Pebble

[  ] Heroic Stonecore for “Vitreous Stone Drake

[  ] Heroic Vortex Pinnacle for “Drake of the North Wind

[  ] Hyjal Molten front Dailies , Trying to get the Scorched Stone

[  ] Vashjr: Quick look for Reign’s of Posedius


My Mount Run

So in these quiet times before WoD I am working on getting some of the mounts I am missing, Would love to get the 200 mount achievement, Whenever I decide to run my mount run I pretty much go after these mainly

Heroic Sethekk Halls-  Reins of the Raven Lord

Stratholme –Rivendare’s Deathcharger

Quick look for the Time-Lost proto Drake

Argent Tournament – Trying to get some of the ones I missed and all the dailies are an absolute joke at 90.

* Argent Hippogryph

* Argent Warhorse

* Darnassian Nightsaber

Gnomeregan Mechanostrider

* Quel’Dorei Steed 

* Silver Covenant Hippogryph

* Ironforge Ram

* Stormwind Steed

* Exodar Elekk

Tol Barad – Spectral Steed (I have the other one)

Deepholm- Aeonaxx – Phosphorescent Stone Drake

Stonecore – Slabhide – Reigns of the Vitreous Stone Drake

Vash’jir- Reign’s of Poseidus

Eye of Eternity (10 Man) – Reign’s of the Blue Drake

Utgarde Keep – Blue Proto Drake

Uldum –  Reigns of the Grey Riding Camel— Got 09-29-14 #166

Grand Black War Mammoth

Amber Primordial Direhorn

Jade Primordial Direhorn

Easier Ones to Obtain:

Grand Ice Mammoth


 Black Battlestrider — Gotten #163

– Black War Elekk — Got 9-28-14 #165

– Black War Steed — Gotten #164

Sha’tari Skyguard:

–  Blue Riding Nether Ray — Gotten #160

–  Purple riding nether ray — Gotten #161

–  Silver Riding Nether Ray –Gotten #162


– Depleted-Kyparium Rocket


– Jeweled Onyx Panther

– Ruby Panther

– Sunstone Panther


Finally some progression

I have finally seen some progression from our raid group. Granted we are now a handful of patches behind but we have 4 bosses down in BWD and 2 bosses down in bot. One of the biggest issues is that since we have been running firelands trash and shannox. nobody wants to learn the earlier raids and the mechanic involved because the loot isn’t as good. I thought it was a mistake to go into firelands as early as we did but I don’t have enough influence to change people’s minds. We started out with the legendary Firelands Trash run. I absolutely despise trash runs I don’t see the point behind them and after 500 runs we finally decided to try a boss and have downed shannox once.

We have some good raiders and then we have some PITA raiders who mysteriously log or have to leave because OMG we wiped twice. If i can get a good attitude to rub off on some of the PITA’s we stand a chance. I think our biggest issue remains recount. ” OMG if I move from fire my DPS will drop by 200 so I will die in the fire but at least I will lead the dps chart for the 32 seconds I was alive. Sometimes I think that recount was one of the worst ideas ever.

So I will continue to hammer out BWD and bot raids until we get the cleared.

Wewt Lewt Sucks

     I had planned for this to be a topic at a later date but some things changed my mind. We all know and despise Public Enemy #1 Loot Drama.

     Loot drama has killed more guilds than anything else in the history of gaming. Last night we were on a progression run in Blackwing Descent. (Yes we are behind the curve) And Chimaeron had been giving us some headaches. First the tanking roles had to be worked out and then the healers had to learn not to heal over 10k hp etc. We have a lot of new raiders so every fight has some extra learning time involved.

     We finally downed the boss on attempt #14 total. We had 2 items drop. Some plate healing armor which went to the 1 paladin in the group and a wand. We had 1 caster dps and 2 priest heals. The DPS passed and the 2 priests rolled. however after looking at gear we noticed that the wand was a huge upgrade for one of the priest (he had a Green) and a very small upgrade for the other. We asked the better geared priest who won the roll to let the other priest have it since it would be a huge upgrade and wands are nothing but stat sticks anyways. he refused by saying I won the roll so I get it.

     Now I expect this from pugs but this was a guild only run. I really had the desire to award the loot to the lesser geared one but I have a reputation to uphold and our guild uses a high roll win loot system.

     Is there something wrong with me still feeling upset about this one players greed even now 24 hours after the raid? This guy had a gearscore of 9400 vs 8500 for the other one, However the higher geared priest did less heals, Could/Would not follow instructions and caused multiple delays in the raid due to various afk’s he had to take along with talking into his cellphone during one battle. The higher geared priest rarely runs with the guild and this was the first time he has been in BWD with us. The other priest had been there for all 13 attempts and knew his class better than the higher geared one.

     In my mind there is no doubt that the wand would have helped the raid more in the lesser geared priests hands. But our GM made these loot rules and I follow them.

     I personally am a fan of EPGP (Effort Points/GearPoints) Which basically means that the person who contributes more gets priority on loot. Had we been using EpGP the wand would have gone to the right person because he put more effort into downing the boss. Now granted all loot systems have their flaws and one of the big one in any system is integrating the casual players and new player into the system. It is true that the casual players will not get geared as fast as the main raiders but for success don’t the main raiders need to be the best geared? New players would have to wait a long time to get top-level gear but they would have almost free run over the farm gear so they would gear up quickly. And as with any loot system you can always reset the system when new content comes out to start everyone from an even footing.

     I have run with epgp in the past and found it to give even distribution and much less grumbling. Sure the hunter ahead of me got the piece he wanted but now he is behind me so I get dibs.

     This loot fight basically bombed the raid for the night because everyone was at each others throats.

     Loot gives me Headaches

     If anyone has better loot ideas let me know Please