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The New Mount/pet run and Plans beyond

So for some reason I am drawn to the Pets/Mounts/Achievements again. So Daily and weekly I run a long route to attempt to get the ones I want.


[  ]  Utgarde Pinnacle Heroic: Reigns of the Blue Proto Drake

[  ] Quick tour of Storm Peaks, Looking for Time-Lost Proto Drake   (Yeah right lol)

[  ] Shattrah for the Fishing Daily (Still missing 2 Crockolisks) **Quest must be Crocolisks in the City**

[ x ] Heroic Setthekk Halls for Reigns of the Raven Lord    02/09/15

[  ] Stratholme: Death Charger’s Reign’s

[  ] Heroic Zul Gurub: Swift Zulian Panther

[  ] Tour of Deepholm for Aeonaxx for phosphorescent Stone Drake

[  ] Check for “Lost in the Deep Daily” Still need to get Pebble

[  ] Heroic Stonecore for “Vitreous Stone Drake

[  ] Heroic Vortex Pinnacle for “Drake of the North Wind

[  ] Hyjal Molten front Dailies , Trying to get the Scorched Stone

[  ] Vashjr: Quick look for Reign’s of Posedius


Ok, I admit it, Blizzard did well.

The title says it all. This expansion has some major glaring flaws. But overall blizzard has done well.

*Garrisons are interesting and time consuming.

*The raids are challenging enough to be entertaining but not so hard that you cry when going in one.

* The scenery is well done.

* The quests have good chains.


* Professions have been beaten into the ground. Raw materials are worthless

*The 3 crafted item limit seems stupid when you need 100 of a special crafting mat to make them.

*The flight paths are still not streamlined like they need to be.

I have levelled 3 toons to 100, Codex (Druid) Forzaken (Hunter) and druxus (Warlock) I haven’t done alot of healing yet. But I think Marksman spec on hunters is finally well balanced

My Mount Run

So in these quiet times before WoD I am working on getting some of the mounts I am missing, Would love to get the 200 mount achievement, Whenever I decide to run my mount run I pretty much go after these mainly

Heroic Sethekk Halls-  Reins of the Raven Lord

Stratholme –Rivendare’s Deathcharger

Quick look for the Time-Lost proto Drake

Argent Tournament – Trying to get some of the ones I missed and all the dailies are an absolute joke at 90.

* Argent Hippogryph

* Argent Warhorse

* Darnassian Nightsaber

Gnomeregan Mechanostrider

* Quel’Dorei Steed 

* Silver Covenant Hippogryph

* Ironforge Ram

* Stormwind Steed

* Exodar Elekk

Tol Barad – Spectral Steed (I have the other one)

Deepholm- Aeonaxx – Phosphorescent Stone Drake

Stonecore – Slabhide – Reigns of the Vitreous Stone Drake

Vash’jir- Reign’s of Poseidus

Eye of Eternity (10 Man) – Reign’s of the Blue Drake

Utgarde Keep – Blue Proto Drake

Uldum –  Reigns of the Grey Riding Camel— Got 09-29-14 #166

Grand Black War Mammoth

Amber Primordial Direhorn

Jade Primordial Direhorn

Easier Ones to Obtain:

Grand Ice Mammoth


 Black Battlestrider — Gotten #163

– Black War Elekk — Got 9-28-14 #165

– Black War Steed — Gotten #164

Sha’tari Skyguard:

–  Blue Riding Nether Ray — Gotten #160

–  Purple riding nether ray — Gotten #161

–  Silver Riding Nether Ray –Gotten #162


– Depleted-Kyparium Rocket


– Jeweled Onyx Panther

– Ruby Panther

– Sunstone Panther


Back to Blogging

I have decided to come back to the Blogging World. I took a year off because I didn’t know where I wanted this blog to go. I have decided to make this a Gaming Blog that is focesed on World Of Warcraft and will cover other games as the urge hits me. I have been active most of the Panda Expansion.

6 Hours to Pandaria

I am sitting here finishing some last-minute end of expansion chores and preparing to get Forz levelling. before I go live I need to clean out my Personal banks and guild Banks, Put some items into the void storage. And stack some daily quests to turn in for fast xp at launch. I need to make sure food and drinks are bought and ready and all toons are armored up and ready to go. I need to check my add ons and make sure they are good to go. Carbonite is no longer being maintained so I will probably get rid of it and go to the blizzards quest tracker. All industries are shut down for “retooling” with the exception of glyphs. I plan on posting a massive wall of monk glyphs and maybe making a good amount of gold. I will probably donate a lot of stuff to guild banks. Other than that I have enough gold to hold me till I get going again and will start all industries fresh at level 90.


As far as levelling I am going to level my toons in this order:

1. Forz First (85 tankadin)

2. Forzaken (85 Hunter)

3 Codex (85 Guardian Druid)

4. Druxus (85 Warlock)

5. Vodaken (85 Death Knight)


If anyone wants My Battletag is Druxus#1223 Please feel free to add me


As most of you have noticed if you read this blog on the website. I have picked a new theme. I felt it was time for a change and figured a new expansion was the perfect time.

Preparing for MoP

Everyone has already beaten these preparing for MoP post into the ground but I am behind the curve So I figure I would start late. I received a Beta invite and downloaded the beta. I haven’t actually logged in yet, I am hesitant to reveal too much of the new content to myself before launch because it will make the new feeling wear off that much quicker.

Currently on my Achievement  hunter I am trying to finish Loremaster before the expansion because blizzard has this evil habit of resetting the stupid thing everytime. As far as who to level when MoP comes out Forzaken (Hunter) will be first Forzaken was the first toon to level 70 and has led the way in every expansion pack so far. After that I am still undecided between Druid or Paladin. The paladin has been pretty much tank only since Wotlk And the druid has always been boom chicken. For MoP  the Druid is going to go Feral tank (I think the new in word is Guardian) I may keep the paladin as tank or might go healer. The Lock will probably be the last of the max level toon to move to 90 I enjoy playing the lock, I am just not any good at it.

I am leery of MoP my totally uneducated impression of it is the descent of WoW into more easy mode. I might log into the beta in the next day or 2 and poke around.


I finally obtained thunderfury the other day. I have been working on this for well over a year now and the last 6 months have been waiting on 1 binding to drop. I wanted this weapon because it has one of the best looks in the game and having it separates me from a lot of the player population. Even by todays gold standards this is an expensive weapon. the stat differences are huge but I am still going to try to sneak it out a little and tank with it….Just can’t resist.


For The Alliance

I decided during a moment of insanity to schedule a For the Alliance run. I knew we wouldn’t have 40 guildies available which would inevitably mean trade chat pugs. Don’t get me wrong there are some very good players who join groups from trade chat, but for every good player there are 5 retards. When you have 40 people in a raid and a large part of them are non-Guildies it turns into a cat herding adventure. Everyone wants do it the way they think is best and they have no problem relaying that thought to everyone.

I made the executive decision to hit silvermoon city first mainly because the horde could care less if silvermoon burned to the ground. I went into silvermoon and found me a nice quiet spot just outside the throne room and I group summoned everyone there. We didn’t have a full raid and we were about 10 short. It went better than I expected but I plan for the worst anyways. It took what seemed like a month to kill the blood elf king. 103 Million Hit points are going to take a while anyways but since we were short on dps it took even longer. Luckily for us only a few horde made an appearance and none of those were able to pose much of a threat. We downed the king and quickly left the area.

We went to Scenic thunderbluff next and group summoned on top of the main tower. We dropped in on the king and for some strange reason every single bluff guard in the entire city appeared. There were at least 50 guards there and they took a bite out of the raid, the people that died ran back and reengaged. The fun thing about bloodhoof is the fact that he stomps and drops aggro every few seconds so the tanks were having a taunt fest to keep him under control. Since we were now sitting at 35 people in the raid he went down much faster and we were able to put him down and escape. Once again we had only a few horde and they were quickly converted into honor points.

Undercity was our next stop. We grouped up attacked and promptly wiped because someone accidentally pulled the sylvanis. I ran back found a quiet corner and mass ressed everyone. We took our time got our buffs on and engaged. This was the most annoying boss so far because she spam fears. And disappears often which requires you to retarget her which can be difficult in a crowd. I set focus but when she disappears it clears the focus. We had to kill her adds twice and the horde were beginning to wake up and we were encountering better horde defense but still not a legitimate threat to the raid. She went down finally and we ported to theramore for the final city.

We grouped outside of orgrimmar and as I said at the start running a random 40 man raid is much like herding cats. I gave exact instructions as to the plan of attack, How we were entering the city, the interior design of the throne room and I even gave a few of the better pvp’s a role as free safety’s to gank the horde when they came in. However we had a few people that decided to go in the front door instead of following the plan. A few people didn’t want to wait for the raid to form up in the right spot and as soon as we started in the world server crashed. More proof that blizzard favors the horde.

I will have to try orgrimmar another day because you only get one shot before the horde will make it impossible mostly due to the fact that the leader is within spitting distance of the AH and bank. So I will have to wrangle cats at least one more time for the achievement. There should be an achievement for leading a successful 40 man pug……….Cat Herder

Screenshot of the day

Once in a while I come across something in game that either makes me go Huh? or laugh my butt off this one did both.

I think we need a bigger boat


Tank went on to kill almost everyone who swam out to do the Captain Harris Quest. I went into camo and went far enough away to avoid getting killed yet still close enough to enjoy the fun.