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The Pain of 6.0

     So Patch 6.0 has been live for a week and my feelings on it are mixed. The button reduction has gone too far when you can maximize dps by hitting 1,2,3, repeatedly it dumb’s the game down too much.

The new character model’s look decent but the running motions are odd. They just don’t look natural.

The new outlines of Characters, NPC’s, and quest items makes the game that much easier because quality players can’t tell good from bad without a red outline.

Blizzard dropped the ball on the iron horde storyline. alliance and horde have the exact same quests but with different NPC’s

Forzaken-Hunter: I play Marksmanship so that is all I know. The loss of Serpent Sting, While minor has thrown off my dps a tad bit. The Sniper Training buff where you have to stand still I see as a Hindrance on movement intensive fights, The new sounds for Bow’s and Gun’s are a little too soft and I am still adjusting. Overall I am dissatisfied with the changes but they are workable.

Codex-Resto Druid: The loss of innervate could be a crippler. At the current time I am not running out of mana but I won’t know for sure until the new content is released. Symbiosis had it’s uses but is no great loss. The cast time on Wild Growth will make healers think for a second, and the 1 stack of lifebloom change is no change.

Druxus-Destro Warlock: There are no real game altering changes that I have noticed,

That is all I have at the one week point. Still figuring out the gear stats


Newest Addons

I have recently started using Details! instead of Recount. Details! has a cleaner UI, Can fit in a chat frame and allows you multiple windows. I have been using it for a few weeks now and it has proven generally Accurate. It also plays nice with Elvui.

Details can be found at : Details!.

Another Excellent addon and almost a must for the alt-o-holic is Saved Instances. This tracks lockouts, Justice, Valor, Tradeskills, and reminds you when you need to complete warforged seals. and It makes them viewable across all your characters.

Saved Instances can be found here: Saved Instances

Post patch notes

So I have had some time to look over the changes to the game since the big patch. It will take some getting used to. I am still not used to stacking expertise on my hunter. The loss of a melee weapon hasn’t affected me at all since they took out the minimum range requirement. It seems like Beast mastery is now able to hold its own with the other 2 specs.

I am still adjusting to my paladin the biggest change that has affected me has been the addition of 1.5 more seconds to Crusader Strike and Hammer of the Righteous, Seems to throw off my rotation and leave me with a little dead zone.

My warlock has had the biggest change with all pets getting redone. Granted Playtime on my Warlock has been limited so I am not fully familiar with all the other changes.

I just turned my druid into a guardian So there are no changes that I have to deal with 🙂

Preparing for MoP

Everyone has already beaten these preparing for MoP post into the ground but I am behind the curve So I figure I would start late. I received a Beta invite and downloaded the beta. I haven’t actually logged in yet, I am hesitant to reveal too much of the new content to myself before launch because it will make the new feeling wear off that much quicker.

Currently on my Achievement  hunter I am trying to finish Loremaster before the expansion because blizzard has this evil habit of resetting the stupid thing everytime. As far as who to level when MoP comes out Forzaken (Hunter) will be first Forzaken was the first toon to level 70 and has led the way in every expansion pack so far. After that I am still undecided between Druid or Paladin. The paladin has been pretty much tank only since Wotlk And the druid has always been boom chicken. For MoP  the Druid is going to go Feral tank (I think the new in word is Guardian) I may keep the paladin as tank or might go healer. The Lock will probably be the last of the max level toon to move to 90 I enjoy playing the lock, I am just not any good at it.

I am leery of MoP my totally uneducated impression of it is the descent of WoW into more easy mode. I might log into the beta in the next day or 2 and poke around.

Raid Performance

Lately our raids have been less than great. People are distracted and don’t really seem to care what they are doing.  I watched both of our melee DPS and chainers run into the lava pit on magmaw on the same attempt.  I can’t remember the amount of times I have seen people stand in the bad stuff. Generally if it is on the ground in World of Warcraft it is bad. Personally I love it when people lie about it “I didn’t stand in that” The same night on magmaw we were also having trouble with the Parasites. I can’t understand for the life of me how 3 mages can’t AOE down the parasites, Will someone please enlighten me?

There is a a paladin who will only do what he wants to do, When he wants to do it. If in the middle of a raid he doesn’t want to tank, he will just quit. He has done this before and yet people wonder why we still kiss his hindquarters. Personally if it were up to me he wouldn’t raid at all but alas not my choice. He reminds me of a pouting kid who is mad and takes his toys and leaves the sandbox.


I think that we could really start progressing if we had 1 more tank and 1 more healer. Currently the 2 most reliable tanks and healers are me and the GM and we are also both tanks and healers. So either we have 2 tanks or 2 heals or 1 of each that we know will be there for all the raids. I used to be a member of some progression guilds in Burning Crusade and WOTLK and I am starting to miss those days. I don’t want the constant daily raiding but our guild should be a lot farther along than we are. We have good people but just can’t seem to get the job done.

Raiding and Raid Rules

Since I have begun leading raids again I have mulled over all the new information as far as raid makeup and such and I have developed my own guidelines for raiding:

  • The ideal raid makeup for me at this time is 2 tanks 3 heals 2 melee dps and 3 ranged dps. I like to run with 1 tank and 1 healer with dps specs.
  • I post my raids and accept sign ups
  • When I begin to start invites for the raid I attempt to fill tank and healer roles first. After that I will fill dps based on who is signed up and who is there. I will take people who are present and signed up and then fill openings I DO NOT SAVE SPOTS IF SOMEONE ELSE IS AVAILABLE TO RAID!!!!
  • Raids sometimes require special roles or abilities. You may be asked to sit out for the good of the progression.
  • If you are dual spec there is a possibility you may have to go into your second spec. (For example: one Tank fights or heals are good but dps is lacking)
  • If you have multiple toons feel free to raid on whichever  toon you choose However you may be asked to come along on another toon and not your preferred one. This is strictly due to raid needs and requirements. I will normally try to honor all requests.

I expect raiders to:

  1. Have proper Flasks, Elixirs, Food, and drink to last for at least 3 hours
  2. Know your class and role. You may be expected to CC (Crowd Control) or perform one of your classes special abilities and you need to know how to do so. You also need to be very familiar with any threat dump abilities your class has.
  3. Research the fights beforehand, You don’t have to know all the exact details but I expect you to have knowledge of the basic mechanics of the fight and your class’s role in the fight.
  4. Bio breaks will be given on a regular basis. when people constantly go afk it slows the raid down and annoys the other raiders who are waiting. Yes we know emergencies happen. We do not want to wait while you run 3 miles to grab a cookie every 10 minutes.
  5. Have all your gear properly enchanted and gemmed.
  6. We post raid details, combat logs, and loot rules/tables, on the guild website. please check it on a regular basis.
  7. Vent makes communication much easier, However during boss fights we need to keep the chatter to a minimum so  everyone can hear important instructions from the raid leader, Main Healer, or Tanks

We like to have fun but there is a time to get serious and down some bosses. When we are running a boss fight we need to be serious on vent and in chat. after the boss is down we can party on his corpse for as long as you like

Being a tank stinks sometimes…

I rolled a tank because I was sick and tired of dps and over the past few years I have had to find new ways to make my WoW experience enjoyable. I became a level 80 tankadin at about the release of ToC so I am still new to tanking. I had been a Hunter and warlock all the way through the end game content of Burning Crusade and I wanted a change.

I still enjoy tanking for the most part. However once you become a geared tank you lose out on any opportunities to be anything but a tank. Once in a while I would like to dust off the Hunter or warlock and go mindlessly kill things in a heroic but I can’t because I am always called upon to be a tank.

Many times I have started a heroic as a dps and had to switch because the tank left or something else happened that needed me to tank. Sometimes it is hard for me to balance my desires against the everyone elses desires.

Contrary to many people’s thoughts I will NEVER Be a Deeps paladin, I am dual spec tank/Heals. If I want to Deeps I will use one of my 2 DPS toons.