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Hot Topic: Flying

So I have seen a lot of people talking about the decision Blizzard made regarding flying, Basically for those out of the loop, Blizzard has decided that flying will NOT allow flying in Draenor and it sounded like they have no intention of allowing it in further expansions.

I have leveled 4 toons to 100 and personally I don’t mind being restricted to ground travel. Would I like to fly? Sure. However a lot of the content in draenor is best done without flying. The treasure chests in Nagrand is one example some of those are a nightmare to obtain. Glider’s Jumping from ledge to ledge etc. These would lose all the challenge if you could fly.

The garrison Stables Provide some nice perks, it allows you to remain mounted while gathering, it will also restrict you from getting dazed while riding. yes it does take up a large plot which a lot of people don’t have available.

People sometimes forget that Blizzard added flying in Silvermoon City and Eversong woods. same applies to the Exodar, Azuremyst Isle, or Bloodmyst Isle. I haven’t seen anyone complaining about this and these are the only zones Pre-MOP that you can’t fly in.

The Pandaren starting zone does not allow ANY mount, Including the heirloom chopper. Still no one complains about this fact.

We all leveled without flying and a lot of us can remember when there were no mounts until level 40. I think the problem here is that the WoW player base has become spoiled to flying and they now feel slighted because there is no flying.

If flying is a make or break point for you then you have lost most interest in the game before now.


The Pain of 6.0

     So Patch 6.0 has been live for a week and my feelings on it are mixed. The button reduction has gone too far when you can maximize dps by hitting 1,2,3, repeatedly it dumb’s the game down too much.

The new character model’s look decent but the running motions are odd. They just don’t look natural.

The new outlines of Characters, NPC’s, and quest items makes the game that much easier because quality players can’t tell good from bad without a red outline.

Blizzard dropped the ball on the iron horde storyline. alliance and horde have the exact same quests but with different NPC’s

Forzaken-Hunter: I play Marksmanship so that is all I know. The loss of Serpent Sting, While minor has thrown off my dps a tad bit. The Sniper Training buff where you have to stand still I see as a Hindrance on movement intensive fights, The new sounds for Bow’s and Gun’s are a little too soft and I am still adjusting. Overall I am dissatisfied with the changes but they are workable.

Codex-Resto Druid: The loss of innervate could be a crippler. At the current time I am not running out of mana but I won’t know for sure until the new content is released. Symbiosis had it’s uses but is no great loss. The cast time on Wild Growth will make healers think for a second, and the 1 stack of lifebloom change is no change.

Druxus-Destro Warlock: There are no real game altering changes that I have noticed,

That is all I have at the one week point. Still figuring out the gear stats

Raid Team Stupidity

So my guild has had a 10 man “progression” raid team for about 3 months now. Honestly I do not see progression coming with only 1 1/2 night per week of raiding.  Progression has Stopped to the point where the same bosses or less are downed each week.

The one thing I am completely at as loss about is how the raid team is determined. Myself and a few others maintain “Reserve” spots pretty much every week. In fact both my top toons are set to reserve. My Hunter and My Resto Druid. My hunter is in the top 3 of dps on the raids I have been to and my druid can hold its own at healing. So both my main toon are essentially waiting to see if I will be needed that week and I cannot raid otherwise.

Take this week for example; I am still on standby while 1 Healer has a guaranteed spot but hasn’t attended a raid in almost 2 months and signed up as a maybe. another healer is also a maybe. No DPS spot is open because a melee dps who joined last week and is lesser geared has a spot.

I have always through my career as a raid leader (before Mists of Pandaria) have always taken the most reliable people who can do the job, running with the same people every week is good for the teamwork aspect.  Apparently there is a rule that you cannot have 2 of any class/spec in the raid. No 2 hunters no 2 restro druids etc.

I have sent the GM a message asking for some clarification and have not received an answer yet. The logic being used here is going to give me a brain aneurism

Finally some progression

I have finally seen some progression from our raid group. Granted we are now a handful of patches behind but we have 4 bosses down in BWD and 2 bosses down in bot. One of the biggest issues is that since we have been running firelands trash and shannox. nobody wants to learn the earlier raids and the mechanic involved because the loot isn’t as good. I thought it was a mistake to go into firelands as early as we did but I don’t have enough influence to change people’s minds. We started out with the legendary Firelands Trash run. I absolutely despise trash runs I don’t see the point behind them and after 500 runs we finally decided to try a boss and have downed shannox once.

We have some good raiders and then we have some PITA raiders who mysteriously log or have to leave because OMG we wiped twice. If i can get a good attitude to rub off on some of the PITA’s we stand a chance. I think our biggest issue remains recount. ” OMG if I move from fire my DPS will drop by 200 so I will die in the fire but at least I will lead the dps chart for the 32 seconds I was alive. Sometimes I think that recount was one of the worst ideas ever.

So I will continue to hammer out BWD and bot raids until we get the cleared.

Raid Performance

Lately our raids have been less than great. People are distracted and don’t really seem to care what they are doing.  I watched both of our melee DPS and chainers run into the lava pit on magmaw on the same attempt.  I can’t remember the amount of times I have seen people stand in the bad stuff. Generally if it is on the ground in World of Warcraft it is bad. Personally I love it when people lie about it “I didn’t stand in that” The same night on magmaw we were also having trouble with the Parasites. I can’t understand for the life of me how 3 mages can’t AOE down the parasites, Will someone please enlighten me?

There is a a paladin who will only do what he wants to do, When he wants to do it. If in the middle of a raid he doesn’t want to tank, he will just quit. He has done this before and yet people wonder why we still kiss his hindquarters. Personally if it were up to me he wouldn’t raid at all but alas not my choice. He reminds me of a pouting kid who is mad and takes his toys and leaves the sandbox.


I think that we could really start progressing if we had 1 more tank and 1 more healer. Currently the 2 most reliable tanks and healers are me and the GM and we are also both tanks and healers. So either we have 2 tanks or 2 heals or 1 of each that we know will be there for all the raids. I used to be a member of some progression guilds in Burning Crusade and WOTLK and I am starting to miss those days. I don’t want the constant daily raiding but our guild should be a lot farther along than we are. We have good people but just can’t seem to get the job done.

Trash Runs

I keep hearing in trade chat the still constant recruiting messages of “looking for more for FL trash” I personally despise trash farming. I do not see a point behind going into a raid, clearing all the trash to a boss, and not downing the boss or at least attempting to. I know that you get rep and patterns and gear, But would you not obtain these same items if you went in and cleared trash to the boss. Hey if you want to I would be willing to reset the instance if we wiped on the boss but at least take a shot.

On my server some FL trash runs last over 2 hours. I really don’t want to spend 2 hours killing trash mobs when that 2 hours could be better spent somewhere else. Some ppl live for these trash runs, Do they get some sort of sense of achievement out of them that I am unaware of?

Just my 2 cents worth but I am sure there are others out there that feel the same way.

For The Alliance

I decided during a moment of insanity to schedule a For the Alliance run. I knew we wouldn’t have 40 guildies available which would inevitably mean trade chat pugs. Don’t get me wrong there are some very good players who join groups from trade chat, but for every good player there are 5 retards. When you have 40 people in a raid and a large part of them are non-Guildies it turns into a cat herding adventure. Everyone wants do it the way they think is best and they have no problem relaying that thought to everyone.

I made the executive decision to hit silvermoon city first mainly because the horde could care less if silvermoon burned to the ground. I went into silvermoon and found me a nice quiet spot just outside the throne room and I group summoned everyone there. We didn’t have a full raid and we were about 10 short. It went better than I expected but I plan for the worst anyways. It took what seemed like a month to kill the blood elf king. 103 Million Hit points are going to take a while anyways but since we were short on dps it took even longer. Luckily for us only a few horde made an appearance and none of those were able to pose much of a threat. We downed the king and quickly left the area.

We went to Scenic thunderbluff next and group summoned on top of the main tower. We dropped in on the king and for some strange reason every single bluff guard in the entire city appeared. There were at least 50 guards there and they took a bite out of the raid, the people that died ran back and reengaged. The fun thing about bloodhoof is the fact that he stomps and drops aggro every few seconds so the tanks were having a taunt fest to keep him under control. Since we were now sitting at 35 people in the raid he went down much faster and we were able to put him down and escape. Once again we had only a few horde and they were quickly converted into honor points.

Undercity was our next stop. We grouped up attacked and promptly wiped because someone accidentally pulled the sylvanis. I ran back found a quiet corner and mass ressed everyone. We took our time got our buffs on and engaged. This was the most annoying boss so far because she spam fears. And disappears often which requires you to retarget her which can be difficult in a crowd. I set focus but when she disappears it clears the focus. We had to kill her adds twice and the horde were beginning to wake up and we were encountering better horde defense but still not a legitimate threat to the raid. She went down finally and we ported to theramore for the final city.

We grouped outside of orgrimmar and as I said at the start running a random 40 man raid is much like herding cats. I gave exact instructions as to the plan of attack, How we were entering the city, the interior design of the throne room and I even gave a few of the better pvp’s a role as free safety’s to gank the horde when they came in. However we had a few people that decided to go in the front door instead of following the plan. A few people didn’t want to wait for the raid to form up in the right spot and as soon as we started in the world server crashed. More proof that blizzard favors the horde.

I will have to try orgrimmar another day because you only get one shot before the horde will make it impossible mostly due to the fact that the leader is within spitting distance of the AH and bank. So I will have to wrangle cats at least one more time for the achievement. There should be an achievement for leading a successful 40 man pug……….Cat Herder

Being a tank stinks sometimes…

I rolled a tank because I was sick and tired of dps and over the past few years I have had to find new ways to make my WoW experience enjoyable. I became a level 80 tankadin at about the release of ToC so I am still new to tanking. I had been a Hunter and warlock all the way through the end game content of Burning Crusade and I wanted a change.

I still enjoy tanking for the most part. However once you become a geared tank you lose out on any opportunities to be anything but a tank. Once in a while I would like to dust off the Hunter or warlock and go mindlessly kill things in a heroic but I can’t because I am always called upon to be a tank.

Many times I have started a heroic as a dps and had to switch because the tank left or something else happened that needed me to tank. Sometimes it is hard for me to balance my desires against the everyone elses desires.

Contrary to many people’s thoughts I will NEVER Be a Deeps paladin, I am dual spec tank/Heals. If I want to Deeps I will use one of my 2 DPS toons.

Patch 4.1

Patch 4.1 was released this week on live servers and overall I am liking it. As with any big patch there are certain things that I feel are bad, but most of the changes are pretty good.

Class Changes: I like the AOE damage buff to DPS classes it is finally nice to actually be able to do some AOE damage. I dislike the Word of Glory change for Prot Paladins though, it was nice to have that instant healing ability available. Now I have to time it and use it a lot more sparingly which makes the healers work harder.

UI Changes: They changed the gear organizer and made it a little harder to use in my opinion. Maybe I am just not used to it yet, Time will tell. I like the way the titles are organized a lot better now.

General Changes: The Wintersaber Mount is great but sucks for those people who had to grind the rep to get it. I like the changes to the guilds, Should be much easier to recruit now.

The new instances: These things are seriously hard. I am the hell beat out of me on my tank, I am sure I will figure it out in time. I do like my new helmet from nalorakk in ZA though looks awesome. 

And since the patch broke a lot of the addons it gave me some great entertainment and an idea for my next post.


     Now that we are slowly winding down the insidious holiday of Noblegarden I am pleased to say that I have completed the meta achievement on Forz and will Never Ever do this holiday again. This one is up there pretty high on my list of hated WoW holidays.

     First of you start with the eggs, Everything in this holiday revolves around you finding some easter eggs hidden around the newbie starting zones, I am fine with the thought but when you have 500 People all hunting eggs at azure Watch it gets frustrating and annoying very quickly. Everything you have to get to finish the holiday achievement is done by gathering the eggs. After 2 days and 700 eggs I finally had all the items I needed.

     Shake your Bunny Maker: The first 1/2 of this was easy as I got lucky on the Dwarf female and the others are pretty common. I grabbed all the Horde females by Bubble running naked into their camp in tol barad, Except for 1 the Orc female. I worked for 8 Hours to find an orc female. I checked Shattrath and Dalaran. I even cruised the Orc starting areas. Finally i went to Orgrimmar where I though there would have to be an Orc female. As you can probably guess the lifespan of a human Paladin in Orgrimmar is rather short so I stalked orgrimmar for 2 hours while dead and still couldn’t find one. I tried the BG’s and still no luck. Finally I resorted to bribery and got 1 orc female to come outside of orgrimmar for a few minutes.

     I am glad this holiday is over for me, I will never do this one again. I don’t mind holidays in general but I have learned to despise the ones that require certain class or race combinations. Hardly anyone plays a dwarf female or orc female.