About Me

I play a number of Horde characters in World of Warcraft on the Exodar server.


 Forzaken is a Lvl 100 Blood Elf Marksman Hunter and my longest-serving raiding toon and has been raiding since late 2007.


Codex is a level 100 Troll Resto Druid and has been a regular Raider Since Mists of Pandaria


Monsiana is a lvl 90 Blood Elf  Warlock and my main support toon. I have limited raiding experience on Monsiana.


Druxus is a lvl 100 Tauren Marksman Hunter and currently a support toon.

I have a few toons remaining on the alliance side, Shu-Halo server.


Forz is a lvl 90 Human Protection Paladin (Currently Retired)

Codeshaman is a Lvl 90  Pandaren Resto Shaman (Currently Retired)

I also have a wide Assortment of low level toons



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