For the HORDE!!!

I have been Alliance since the start of BC. I enjoyed my time as alliance but lately I have been Unsatisfied with my Guilds progression and the guildmaster’s ideals and mine were heading in separate direction.

The guild required that you use ventrillo and mumble (Depending who was leading) The people who had been in the guild for the long haul were getting shoved aside for the new players. The guilds raiding efforts changed to Kill butcher for guild gold reward and then done for the week. and Finally raid nights were being pushed aside for such intriguing events as lawn darts, costume contests etc.

Rather than find a new guild I decided it was time for a change. So I made the leap and moved all my major toons to Horde. I was nervous and had my doubts at first but now I have no regrets. I have found that there is a major maturity difference between the 2 factions (At least in my case) The game seems like a new game to me now and I am loving it.


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