Justice and valor Gear

I have browsed much of the justice gear and I have to say I am not impressed. The item level for justice gear is only 458. So Basically you get better gear by grinding heroics then by spending the points you get by grinding heroics. I expected the justice point gear to be at least IL 463 or enough to get into LFR. I am just not seeing the point behind the JP gear righht now. Maybe it is just me or maybe I am missing Something.


I am now Tanking full time and trying to gear up for LFR. I find Tanking in MoP to be easier than cata for some reason.


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  1. I actually see the point.

    The Justice Point gear is meant to keep the lazy that won’t work for 463s out of the LFR system, while not being so low in item level that a few pieces of it would be the deciding factor in whether or not those who are ready and willing to earn it will be LFR ready. Same with the 450 craftables, they keep certain players from buying their way into raids instead of earning it, without being a real penalty for the players that earn their 463s in most of their slots. If you’re at half 458 and half 463, your average will be 460.5, putting you above the LFR threshold. Since heroics drop 463s, Valor Points + Rep yields 489s, and then the 458s and 450s round out the rest of what you can get, I don’t see it being too difficult for even more casual players such as you and me to get geared enough. The truly lazy and the people that you and I both know that would’ve bought their way into a raiding slot in any other expansion won’t be able to.

    As far as the tanking goes being easier now goes, I can relate. I found adapting to focus to be completely impossible in Cata in both BM and MM specs. I didn’t try Survival then because I’d tried it twice, hated it both times, and swore I’d never play it again. Then comes MoP, and other than focus, I loved what hunters had become, but still couldn’t get my head wrapped around focus, until two things happened:

    1. I went Survival, and surprisingly, I loved it. I hated it the other two times I tried it (BC and WLK), but it’s very enjoyable now, though I miss all the buttons I had to play with in BC as a hybrid BM/MM hunter and in WLK as an MM hunter. (They’re not there in MoP at all, no spec seems to have as many options as they used to.)

    2. I finally figured out what my #1 problem was with focus, which was adapting to Arcane Shot being a “last resort” shot instead of a “rotation mainstay”. Once I got it through my head not to click that little blue icon unless I was above 60 focus an all other shots were on CD, my DPS started climbing, my focus starvation issues disappeared, and other than still working this rotation until it’s second nature so I don’t end up standing in bad crap on the ground from concentrating on the rotation so hard, I’m back to being my old self as a hunter.

    Being a hunter was fun from Vanilla through Wrath, Cata destroyed that fun, I tried and tried to adapt, and couldn’t. Some seemingly small changes in MoP brought hope, some reason, and a breakthrough that I kept waiting for in my three month experimentation with Cata that never came.

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