Monthly Archives: October 2012

So now I am a guild master……..

So recently I became the GM of Dragon Raiders Extreme on Shu’Halo. The old GM stepped down and is now an officer in the guild, She just didn’t have the time anymore and after 4 years of maintaining the guild I think she was tired. And I have to say the first few days have been intimidating to say the least. There are around 215 members in DRX. I have received help from some great officers, Hezediah (New Raid Leader) and Armitage (Officer). One of the hardest things right now is establishing where loyalties lie. I expect to lose a few people that were only around because of the old GM. I am not planning on making any changes to the rules or policies that Keeyara had established. I guess the next week or so will be the telling point as people log on and make their decisions.