6 Hours to Pandaria

I am sitting here finishing some last-minute end of expansion chores and preparing to get Forz levelling. before I go live I need to clean out my Personal banks and guild Banks, Put some items into the void storage. And stack some daily quests to turn in for fast xp at launch. I need to make sure food and drinks are bought and ready and all toons are armored up and ready to go. I need to check my add ons and make sure they are good to go. Carbonite is no longer being maintained so I will probably get rid of it and go to the blizzards quest tracker. All industries are shut down for “retooling” with the exception of glyphs. I plan on posting a massive wall of monk glyphs and maybe making a good amount of gold. I will probably donate a lot of stuff to guild banks. Other than that I have enough gold to hold me till I get going again and will start all industries fresh at level 90.


As far as levelling I am going to level my toons in this order:

1. Forz First (85 tankadin)

2. Forzaken (85 Hunter)

3 Codex (85 Guardian Druid)

4. Druxus (85 Warlock)

5. Vodaken (85 Death Knight)


If anyone wants My Battletag is Druxus#1223 Please feel free to add me


As most of you have noticed if you read this blog on the website. I have picked a new theme. I felt it was time for a change and figured a new expansion was the perfect time.


About druxus

Been Making Azeroth Dangerous since Burning Crusade

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