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6 Hours to Pandaria

I am sitting here finishing some last-minute end of expansion chores and preparing to get Forz levelling. before I go live I need to clean out my Personal banks and guild Banks, Put some items into the void storage. And stack some daily quests to turn in for fast xp at launch. I need to make sure food and drinks are bought and ready and all toons are armored up and ready to go. I need to check my add ons and make sure they are good to go. Carbonite is no longer being maintained so I will probably get rid of it and go to the blizzards quest tracker. All industries are shut down for “retooling” with the exception of glyphs. I plan on posting a massive wall of monk glyphs and maybe making a good amount of gold. I will probably donate a lot of stuff to guild banks. Other than that I have enough gold to hold me till I get going again and will start all industries fresh at level 90.


As far as levelling I am going to level my toons in this order:

1. Forz First (85 tankadin)

2. Forzaken (85 Hunter)

3 Codex (85 Guardian Druid)

4. Druxus (85 Warlock)

5. Vodaken (85 Death Knight)


If anyone wants My Battletag is Druxus#1223 Please feel free to add me


As most of you have noticed if you read this blog on the website. I have picked a new theme. I felt it was time for a change and figured a new expansion was the perfect time.


Cross server Zones….. Far out Dude

Shu’ Halo is one of the server blessed by the cross server zone thing. I was surprised to find out that Ironforge is a cross server zone. I know we are sharing the ironforge zone with garrosh server. Now if I were the type to enjoy some mind altering drugs once in a while This would flip me back to the hippie era. There is soo many questions that could be asked:

Is Garrosh on Shu’Halo’s server or is Shu’ Halo on Garrosh’s server? Are we on a neutral server?

Is it the same as an instance where I can’t give anything to a Garrosh player or can stuff be traded? (I will test this)

If the Horde attacks IF will they be on Shu’Halo version of IF or Garrosh version?

Will garrosh and Shu’Halo be able to team up and kill the horde or just 1 server?

So many Questions. So Few answers Luckily I have a few weeks to get answers and if nothing else relieves the boredom until MoP

Post patch notes

So I have had some time to look over the changes to the game since the big patch. It will take some getting used to. I am still not used to stacking expertise on my hunter. The loss of a melee weapon hasn’t affected me at all since they took out the minimum range requirement. It seems like Beast mastery is now able to hold its own with the other 2 specs.

I am still adjusting to my paladin the biggest change that has affected me has been the addition of 1.5 more seconds to Crusader Strike and Hammer of the Righteous, Seems to throw off my rotation and leave me with a little dead zone.

My warlock has had the biggest change with all pets getting redone. Granted Playtime on my Warlock has been limited so I am not fully familiar with all the other changes.

I just turned my druid into a guardian So there are no changes that I have to deal with 🙂