Monthly Archives: March 2012


As everyone is well aware I have been having trouble finding motivation to play WoW. There is probably a number of reasons for that, Some is the game itself and some of it is me. I have changes greatly over the years since I started playing WoW and maybe it just can’t hold my interest anymore. I think that the constant changes blizzard has been making to each class are retarded. If it isn’t broke don’t fix it. I have been a max level hunter for the longest so I will discuss this class in-depth.


Hunters used to have to carry ammo, Which was annoying but was easily controlled. Hunters used mana to control their shots. There was nothing wrong with mana but in Cata blizzard made hunters use focus instead and you share it with you pet.. My RL pet drinks out of a toilet and licks himself, There is not much I want to share with my pet after considering that. Hunters have always keyed on a few stats Agility, Hit rating, Attack power (Going the way of the DoDo bird) in the next expansion they are going to make hunters also use expertise. Expertise is typically a melee stat and hunters have never been melee.


Blizzard is now changing things just to change them. I am having trouble finding motivation to play now and if something doesn’t change I will prolly follow the other 99% of my friends and leave the game for greener pastures. I am currently playing a Horde Rogue and ┬áthat is keeping me occupied for the time being. But unless something changes I will not be buying the My little Pony expansion (MOP)