Warcraft Blues

Ok I will finally admit the fact that I am suffering  from a loss of interest in World Of Warcraft. After all these years it seems like every patch is the same old same old. I try to log in and find stuff to do but it is hard. At max level unless you do the dailies you can run raid finder 1 day per week. My guild is still struggling to complete older raids and now noone has the desire to run the old raids because the gear isn’t as good. I have never been much into the PvP scene and the dailies get old quick. so my focus is turning to other games. Currently World of Tanks is Primary and I am dabbling in Fallen Earth. Both are free to play with cash money options. Both are unique.


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Posted on February 17, 2012, in Progression, World Of Tanks. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. I hear ya. I dropped WoW altogether and made the switch to Star Trek Online, I love it. Free-to-play for casuals, pay-for-upgrades for those who want it.

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