Finally some progression

I have finally seen some progression from our raid group. Granted we are now a handful of patches behind but we have 4 bosses down in BWD and 2 bosses down in bot. One of the biggest issues is that since we have been running firelands trash and shannox. nobody wants to learn the earlier raids and the mechanic involved because the loot isn’t as good. I thought it was a mistake to go into firelands as early as we did but I don’t have enough influence to change people’s minds. We started out with the legendary Firelands Trash run. I absolutely despise trash runs I don’t see the point behind them and after 500 runs we finally decided to try a boss and have downed shannox once.

We have some good raiders and then we have some PITA raiders who mysteriously log or have to leave because OMG we wiped twice. If i can get a good attitude to rub off on some of the PITA’s we stand a chance. I think our biggest issue remains recount. ” OMG if I move from fire my DPS will drop by 200 so I will die in the fire but at least I will lead the dps chart for the 32 seconds I was alive. Sometimes I think that recount was one of the worst ideas ever.

So I will continue to hammer out BWD and bot raids until we get the cleared.


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