Status of the Corporation

Yes, I have finally decided the Wall Street group is now a corporation. With all the crafters involved I have the manufacturing power of General motors. Here is the Report:

Wallett: Sells Enchant Scrolls, Engineering pets, Bags, Leatherworking Items, Gems Wallet is also the buyer of all materials.

Guarire: Sells glyphs

Monsiana: Sells anything not handled by the above 2

I can handle all the professions except for alchemy and Blacksmithing.

Current Gold per day is hovering right around 11k which is not great but still a good average.

Liquid gold is sitting at over 100K but I have been heavily stockpiling for the next patch.

The glyph Market is surprisingly strong, I had figured that it would die out since glyphs are a 1 time deal now but I am still moving a good amount per day.

Enchanting market is fluctuating wildly. Some of the big enchant don’t sell (power torrent etc) and the smaller ones are.

Gem market is always steady. Not a great profit margin. but not less than 20%profit

Leatherworking and bags are slow except for Mammoth mining bags which seem to sell fast.



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