Raid Performance

Lately our raids have been less than great. People are distracted and don’t really seem to care what they are doing.  I watched both of our melee DPS and chainers run into the lava pit on magmaw on the same attempt.  I can’t remember the amount of times I have seen people stand in the bad stuff. Generally if it is on the ground in World of Warcraft it is bad. Personally I love it when people lie about it “I didn’t stand in that” The same night on magmaw we were also having trouble with the Parasites. I can’t understand for the life of me how 3 mages can’t AOE down the parasites, Will someone please enlighten me?

There is a a paladin who will only do what he wants to do, When he wants to do it. If in the middle of a raid he doesn’t want to tank, he will just quit. He has done this before and yet people wonder why we still kiss his hindquarters. Personally if it were up to me he wouldn’t raid at all but alas not my choice. He reminds me of a pouting kid who is mad and takes his toys and leaves the sandbox.


I think that we could really start progressing if we had 1 more tank and 1 more healer. Currently the 2 most reliable tanks and healers are me and the GM and we are also both tanks and healers. So either we have 2 tanks or 2 heals or 1 of each that we know will be there for all the raids. I used to be a member of some progression guilds in Burning Crusade and WOTLK and I am starting to miss those days. I don’t want the constant daily raiding but our guild should be a lot farther along than we are. We have good people but just can’t seem to get the job done.


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