Raiding and Raid Rules

Since I have begun leading raids again I have mulled over all the new information as far as raid makeup and such and I have developed my own guidelines for raiding:

  • The ideal raid makeup for me at this time is 2 tanks 3 heals 2 melee dps and 3 ranged dps. I like to run with 1 tank and 1 healer with dps specs.
  • I post my raids and accept sign ups
  • When I begin to start invites for the raid I attempt to fill tank and healer roles first. After that I will fill dps based on who is signed up and who is there. I will take people who are present and signed up and then fill openings I DO NOT SAVE SPOTS IF SOMEONE ELSE IS AVAILABLE TO RAID!!!!
  • Raids sometimes require special roles or abilities. You may be asked to sit out for the good of the progression.
  • If you are dual spec there is a possibility you may have to go into your second spec. (For example: one Tank fights or heals are good but dps is lacking)
  • If you have multiple toons feel free to raid on whichever  toon you choose However you may be asked to come along on another toon and not your preferred one. This is strictly due to raid needs and requirements. I will normally try to honor all requests.

I expect raiders to:

  1. Have proper Flasks, Elixirs, Food, and drink to last for at least 3 hours
  2. Know your class and role. You may be expected to CC (Crowd Control) or perform one of your classes special abilities and you need to know how to do so. You also need to be very familiar with any threat dump abilities your class has.
  3. Research the fights beforehand, You don’t have to know all the exact details but I expect you to have knowledge of the basic mechanics of the fight and your class’s role in the fight.
  4. Bio breaks will be given on a regular basis. when people constantly go afk it slows the raid down and annoys the other raiders who are waiting. Yes we know emergencies happen. We do not want to wait while you run 3 miles to grab a cookie every 10 minutes.
  5. Have all your gear properly enchanted and gemmed.
  6. We post raid details, combat logs, and loot rules/tables, on the guild website. please check it on a regular basis.
  7. Vent makes communication much easier, However during boss fights we need to keep the chatter to a minimum so  everyone can hear important instructions from the raid leader, Main Healer, or Tanks

We like to have fun but there is a time to get serious and down some bosses. When we are running a boss fight we need to be serious on vent and in chat. after the boss is down we can party on his corpse for as long as you like


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