Levelling professions as you go is harder now than ever

I am levelling a druid with skinning and leatherworking and the one thing I have noticed is with all the perks blizzard has put into place to make levelling faster it is harder to level a profession at the same time.

With leatherworking I have noticed the difference even more than the rest. SInce I am gaining levels faster I am spending even less time in each leather “Zone” and therefore I have to resort to other methods to level my professions, I either have to Stay back and flat out farm leather or else I have to buy the various mats from the Auction House. I do not get enough animal kills per zone to produce enough leather to keep the crafting skill up.

I am running with Heirlooms and Full guild perks Which speed up the levelling process and bountiful bags gives me extra materials. But it is still not enough.

Blizzard needs to increase the drop rates on lower level crafting mats or change professions so that they can keep up. However if they increase the drop rate than the Auction house will go into disarray. From a sellers point of view I think there is more money to be made off of some of the lower level crafting mats than there is off of the higher level mats. Because of the fact that there is so few materials of lower level on the Auction house you would almost be able to set your own prices.

The profession system is broken at lower levels and needs to be adjusted to make up for the levelling curve.


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