Ah tactics on glyph market

So I have been trying to dominate my server’s glyph market for a while now and I was doing pretty good Until the summer hit.

Once school got out there were a lot more kids out there trying to take my market share. I was averaging about 4-5K per day before summer and now I am down to 1.5-2.5K per day. I still have to deal with the other 2 major people in the market but now I see a lot more of the random person with a handful of glyphs trying to bully their way into the business. I like good competition but I am getting tired of the having to repost every few hours to undercut them by 1 Copper so I lowered my Threshold to the lowest possible and I am undercutting by a couple of gold.

My goal here is to lower the prices so low that they do not make enough profit and will leave. Herb prices are low right now so the lowest you can reasonably go without farming (or having someone farm for you) is around 13G on most.

a couple of the strange items which sell are enchanting vellum and dust of disappearance. I buy these from the vendor and tack on a hefty markup at the AH and was surprised when they sold, Just something to keep in mind. This post is rather short I know. I will try to make them longer.


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