I am aggravated by some of the attitudes I see now in WOW. Back when I first started playing there was more of the team attitude out there, Sure there were a lot of tools but it seems like in cataclysm the number of tools has climbed to an all time high. I sooo hate to hear ” I am going to pass on the raid because there are no drops that I need”  or ” I don’t want to go on the raid tonight because I would rather farm Firelands trash” Or ” I will only go if my friend goes”

But the worst is the players who don’t have the guts to tell you the truth. “I have to go to bed soon” Fine but why is it 3 hours later when the raid is done for the evening you are still in firelands?

It used to be that my biggest problem with players was the one or 2 people who always asked what the boss drops before you killed it. But now people would rather run firelands trash to get some welfare epics that anyone can buy off of the Auction House with not even a portion of the hassle.

I am sure that if I posted a Firelands boss run, these people would come crawling out of the woodwork to sign up and get in, Even though as a group we are not ready for them.

The best part is the fact that when we don’t have enough of a certain class I have to kiss their butt in order to get the raid going when I would much rather kick them in the nuts. Oh please please come to the raid we need your uber greatness……Makes me want to vomit.

I just wish we had the old team effort where downing a new boss was all the reward you needed.

Team spirit please come back my head hurts



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