The end of a streak….

     So the streak ended recently. I had to do my first cataclysm Guild kick. I do not like removing people from the guild and I try to avoid getting involved in the various guild drama that pops up from time to time. I know I am a horrible guild officer. I accept that. I am a real big fan of letting the guild master handle the dirty work so I can be the nice guy. However this person was calling another guildie a few choice names in pst’s and I will not let one guild member treat another guildie like that. Some people said to me that guidlie A was responding to the fact that guildie B was being rude to them.

     At the time this happened we were in the 40 man For the Alliance Raid that was covered in my previous post. We asked for guildies to come help us out and Guildie A said he would come for Orgrimmar Only and to Invite him when we got to there. Guildie B responded in guild chat “tough bananas” You help with all or none. Maybe Guildie B could have been nicer or more pleasant. I don’t know but Guildie A started Whispering Guildie B and Using the f bomb repeatedly.

      Guildie A has been in the guild for a while at max level and has joined us on 1 raid. they Normally run with other guilds. They also Avoid our guild raids because they have to run the same raids with their other guild. (This does annoy me)

     Guildie B has been in the guild about the same length of time but contributes a lot to the guild in both raid attendance and they normally help the overall environment of the guild.

     So was I wrong to push the button on guildie A? Guildie B might have been rude but that happens and we all get a little stressed from time to time in this game. I didn’t Boot Guildie A for responding to Guildie B’s rudeness. I booted because of Guildie A’s repeated use of the F bomb. Had he been reported to blizzard he would have probably gotten in some trouble. although probably minor like a warning.

     Also to note that I was allowing Guildie A to use our vent with his other guild while they raided BWD which is one of our weekly raids.


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