New dailies are a nightmare of time management

The new dailies are fun and interesting, if you have 1 toon.
If you are using multiple level 85’s they turn into a time management
nightmare. I am using only my paladin and hunter for the new dailies and it
seems like these dailies take up a good percentage of my online time. My hunter
seems to move through these dailies a lot faster than the paladin which is
probably due to my paladin being a tank.


I have turned in the first set of 150 marks on both toons
and am plugging away at the second set. I am still not sure how I am going to
find the time to do the quests that will be added after this turn in. I have
friends that have more top level players than me and they somehow find a way to
plug all their alts into the daily grind. I have been able to keep doing it
with my 2 but I have sacrificed sleep to do it. I hope that whatever light is
at the end of this tunnel is bright enough to make it worth the time invested.


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  1. What’s even worse is the crap Blizzard pulled on those of us that aren’t cheaters. The new craftables have already been showing up as early as yesterday? Yes, that is prior to the absolute earliest date that they could have been available.

    The first few days there was a bug with the dailies not resetting at the right times, so they would reset and players could get extra marks from doing the dailies, when they would reset a 2nd time at the proper time.

    What did blizzard do to the players that got a few days of double daily questing and double marks for 2-3 days? Not a damn thing! They didn’t even roll back their Marks of the World Tree to where they should have been.

    So it’s a bunch of bulls#it that even though we have been grinding dailies every day to be one of the first sellers of the new items, the bug exploiters have already beat us in the race to be first.

    Why am I being punished for having a life an not being able to be up at 2-3am to exploit the bugs?

    Another epic fail by Blizzard…

    • I agree 100% the scope was available on my realm for the low low price of 1500G I have missed one day on my hunter and there is no way I would have had this recipe by now without exploiting, Worst part is I was almost tempted to buy it but I hate to part with gold especially to someone who use a glitch.

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