Shameless Guild recruitment Plug

Dragon Raiders Extreme is one of Shu’halo ‘s longest active
casual raiding guilds. We are level 25 and are currently progressing through
Cataclysm Content and are looking for a few people to fill prime roles in our
10 man raids. The Guild Leadership has been on the server and raiding since
2007. (Shu’Halo came online for Burning Crusade) We have fun in our raids but
still want people to know their class and how to execute when the time comes.

Currently we are in Major need of Shaman, Druids, And

We are also in major Need of a few more Healers

We also Need melee DPS. Warlocks and mages.

All other classes and roles are welcome to apply we will
take a serious look at any and all applications.

Leveling toons are welcome as well we have a number of leveling
toons currently in the guild.

Please stop by our website at for up to
date news and needs.

I can also be reached IG on Forz or Forzaken or look for
Keeyara or mzbehaven


About druxus

Been Making Azeroth Dangerous since Burning Crusade

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