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Ah tactics on glyph market

So I have been trying to dominate my server’s glyph market for a while now and I was doing pretty good Until the summer hit.

Once school got out there were a lot more kids out there trying to take my market share. I was averaging about 4-5K per day before summer and now I am down to 1.5-2.5K per day. I still have to deal with the other 2 major people in the market but now I see a lot more of the random person with a handful of glyphs trying to bully their way into the business. I like good competition but I am getting tired of the having to repost every few hours to undercut them by 1 Copper so I lowered my Threshold to the lowest possible and I am undercutting by a couple of gold.

My goal here is to lower the prices so low that they do not make enough profit and will leave. Herb prices are low right now so the lowest you can reasonably go without farming (or having someone farm for you) is around 13G on most.

a couple of the strange items which sell are enchanting vellum and dust of disappearance. I buy these from the vendor and tack on a hefty markup at the AH and was surprised when they sold, Just something to keep in mind. This post is rather short I know. I will try to make them longer.



I am aggravated by some of the attitudes I see now in WOW. Back when I first started playing there was more of the team attitude out there, Sure there were a lot of tools but it seems like in cataclysm the number of tools has climbed to an all time high. I sooo hate to hear ” I am going to pass on the raid because there are no drops that I need”  or ” I don’t want to go on the raid tonight because I would rather farm Firelands trash” Or ” I will only go if my friend goes”

But the worst is the players who don’t have the guts to tell you the truth. “I have to go to bed soon” Fine but why is it 3 hours later when the raid is done for the evening you are still in firelands?

It used to be that my biggest problem with players was the one or 2 people who always asked what the boss drops before you killed it. But now people would rather run firelands trash to get some welfare epics that anyone can buy off of the Auction House with not even a portion of the hassle.

I am sure that if I posted a Firelands boss run, these people would come crawling out of the woodwork to sign up and get in, Even though as a group we are not ready for them.

The best part is the fact that when we don’t have enough of a certain class I have to kiss their butt in order to get the raid going when I would much rather kick them in the nuts. Oh please please come to the raid we need your uber greatness……Makes me want to vomit.

I just wish we had the old team effort where downing a new boss was all the reward you needed.

Team spirit please come back my head hurts


Wewt Lewt Sucks

     I had planned for this to be a topic at a later date but some things changed my mind. We all know and despise Public Enemy #1 Loot Drama.

     Loot drama has killed more guilds than anything else in the history of gaming. Last night we were on a progression run in Blackwing Descent. (Yes we are behind the curve) And Chimaeron had been giving us some headaches. First the tanking roles had to be worked out and then the healers had to learn not to heal over 10k hp etc. We have a lot of new raiders so every fight has some extra learning time involved.

     We finally downed the boss on attempt #14 total. We had 2 items drop. Some plate healing armor which went to the 1 paladin in the group and a wand. We had 1 caster dps and 2 priest heals. The DPS passed and the 2 priests rolled. however after looking at gear we noticed that the wand was a huge upgrade for one of the priest (he had a Green) and a very small upgrade for the other. We asked the better geared priest who won the roll to let the other priest have it since it would be a huge upgrade and wands are nothing but stat sticks anyways. he refused by saying I won the roll so I get it.

     Now I expect this from pugs but this was a guild only run. I really had the desire to award the loot to the lesser geared one but I have a reputation to uphold and our guild uses a high roll win loot system.

     Is there something wrong with me still feeling upset about this one players greed even now 24 hours after the raid? This guy had a gearscore of 9400 vs 8500 for the other one, However the higher geared priest did less heals, Could/Would not follow instructions and caused multiple delays in the raid due to various afk’s he had to take along with talking into his cellphone during one battle. The higher geared priest rarely runs with the guild and this was the first time he has been in BWD with us. The other priest had been there for all 13 attempts and knew his class better than the higher geared one.

     In my mind there is no doubt that the wand would have helped the raid more in the lesser geared priests hands. But our GM made these loot rules and I follow them.

     I personally am a fan of EPGP (Effort Points/GearPoints) Which basically means that the person who contributes more gets priority on loot. Had we been using EpGP the wand would have gone to the right person because he put more effort into downing the boss. Now granted all loot systems have their flaws and one of the big one in any system is integrating the casual players and new player into the system. It is true that the casual players will not get geared as fast as the main raiders but for success don’t the main raiders need to be the best geared? New players would have to wait a long time to get top-level gear but they would have almost free run over the farm gear so they would gear up quickly. And as with any loot system you can always reset the system when new content comes out to start everyone from an even footing.

     I have run with epgp in the past and found it to give even distribution and much less grumbling. Sure the hunter ahead of me got the piece he wanted but now he is behind me so I get dibs.

     This loot fight basically bombed the raid for the night because everyone was at each others throats.

     Loot gives me Headaches

     If anyone has better loot ideas let me know Please

The end of a streak….

     So the streak ended recently. I had to do my first cataclysm Guild kick. I do not like removing people from the guild and I try to avoid getting involved in the various guild drama that pops up from time to time. I know I am a horrible guild officer. I accept that. I am a real big fan of letting the guild master handle the dirty work so I can be the nice guy. However this person was calling another guildie a few choice names in pst’s and I will not let one guild member treat another guildie like that. Some people said to me that guidlie A was responding to the fact that guildie B was being rude to them.

     At the time this happened we were in the 40 man For the Alliance Raid that was covered in my previous post. We asked for guildies to come help us out and Guildie A said he would come for Orgrimmar Only and to Invite him when we got to there. Guildie B responded in guild chat “tough bananas” You help with all or none. Maybe Guildie B could have been nicer or more pleasant. I don’t know but Guildie A started Whispering Guildie B and Using the f bomb repeatedly.

      Guildie A has been in the guild for a while at max level and has joined us on 1 raid. they Normally run with other guilds. They also Avoid our guild raids because they have to run the same raids with their other guild. (This does annoy me)

     Guildie B has been in the guild about the same length of time but contributes a lot to the guild in both raid attendance and they normally help the overall environment of the guild.

     So was I wrong to push the button on guildie A? Guildie B might have been rude but that happens and we all get a little stressed from time to time in this game. I didn’t Boot Guildie A for responding to Guildie B’s rudeness. I booted because of Guildie A’s repeated use of the F bomb. Had he been reported to blizzard he would have probably gotten in some trouble. although probably minor like a warning.

     Also to note that I was allowing Guildie A to use our vent with his other guild while they raided BWD which is one of our weekly raids.

For The Alliance

I decided during a moment of insanity to schedule a For the Alliance run. I knew we wouldn’t have 40 guildies available which would inevitably mean trade chat pugs. Don’t get me wrong there are some very good players who join groups from trade chat, but for every good player there are 5 retards. When you have 40 people in a raid and a large part of them are non-Guildies it turns into a cat herding adventure. Everyone wants do it the way they think is best and they have no problem relaying that thought to everyone.

I made the executive decision to hit silvermoon city first mainly because the horde could care less if silvermoon burned to the ground. I went into silvermoon and found me a nice quiet spot just outside the throne room and I group summoned everyone there. We didn’t have a full raid and we were about 10 short. It went better than I expected but I plan for the worst anyways. It took what seemed like a month to kill the blood elf king. 103 Million Hit points are going to take a while anyways but since we were short on dps it took even longer. Luckily for us only a few horde made an appearance and none of those were able to pose much of a threat. We downed the king and quickly left the area.

We went to Scenic thunderbluff next and group summoned on top of the main tower. We dropped in on the king and for some strange reason every single bluff guard in the entire city appeared. There were at least 50 guards there and they took a bite out of the raid, the people that died ran back and reengaged. The fun thing about bloodhoof is the fact that he stomps and drops aggro every few seconds so the tanks were having a taunt fest to keep him under control. Since we were now sitting at 35 people in the raid he went down much faster and we were able to put him down and escape. Once again we had only a few horde and they were quickly converted into honor points.

Undercity was our next stop. We grouped up attacked and promptly wiped because someone accidentally pulled the sylvanis. I ran back found a quiet corner and mass ressed everyone. We took our time got our buffs on and engaged. This was the most annoying boss so far because she spam fears. And disappears often which requires you to retarget her which can be difficult in a crowd. I set focus but when she disappears it clears the focus. We had to kill her adds twice and the horde were beginning to wake up and we were encountering better horde defense but still not a legitimate threat to the raid. She went down finally and we ported to theramore for the final city.

We grouped outside of orgrimmar and as I said at the start running a random 40 man raid is much like herding cats. I gave exact instructions as to the plan of attack, How we were entering the city, the interior design of the throne room and I even gave a few of the better pvp’s a role as free safety’s to gank the horde when they came in. However we had a few people that decided to go in the front door instead of following the plan. A few people didn’t want to wait for the raid to form up in the right spot and as soon as we started in the world server crashed. More proof that blizzard favors the horde.

I will have to try orgrimmar another day because you only get one shot before the horde will make it impossible mostly due to the fact that the leader is within spitting distance of the AH and bank. So I will have to wrangle cats at least one more time for the achievement. There should be an achievement for leading a successful 40 man pug……….Cat Herder

New dailies are a nightmare of time management

The new dailies are fun and interesting, if you have 1 toon.
If you are using multiple level 85’s they turn into a time management
nightmare. I am using only my paladin and hunter for the new dailies and it
seems like these dailies take up a good percentage of my online time. My hunter
seems to move through these dailies a lot faster than the paladin which is
probably due to my paladin being a tank.


I have turned in the first set of 150 marks on both toons
and am plugging away at the second set. I am still not sure how I am going to
find the time to do the quests that will be added after this turn in. I have
friends that have more top level players than me and they somehow find a way to
plug all their alts into the daily grind. I have been able to keep doing it
with my 2 but I have sacrificed sleep to do it. I hope that whatever light is
at the end of this tunnel is bright enough to make it worth the time invested.

Blogroll Updated

I finally got around to updating my Blogroll. I figured if I
take the time to read them when they post something I might as well give others
the same opportunity. If I removed your Blog I am sorry it is probably because
you disappeared for a long time


New to the blogroll that I think you might enjoy:


The Working Raider

The Ready Check


Shameless Guild recruitment Plug

Dragon Raiders Extreme is one of Shu’halo ‘s longest active
casual raiding guilds. We are level 25 and are currently progressing through
Cataclysm Content and are looking for a few people to fill prime roles in our
10 man raids. The Guild Leadership has been on the server and raiding since
2007. (Shu’Halo came online for Burning Crusade) We have fun in our raids but
still want people to know their class and how to execute when the time comes.

Currently we are in Major need of Shaman, Druids, And

We are also in major Need of a few more Healers

We also Need melee DPS. Warlocks and mages.

All other classes and roles are welcome to apply we will
take a serious look at any and all applications.

Leveling toons are welcome as well we have a number of leveling
toons currently in the guild.

Please stop by our website at for up to
date news and needs.

I can also be reached IG on Forz or Forzaken or look for
Keeyara or mzbehaven

Sorry to my Readers

For the Last month I have been unable to blog as much
because of Real life issues and such. Seems that as my days get busier the more
people demand things from me. I Have been having to scrape time just to do the
raids but everything has cooled off now and I am back to posting my ranting’s
and observations.