Being a tank stinks sometimes…

I rolled a tank because I was sick and tired of dps and over the past few years I have had to find new ways to make my WoW experience enjoyable. I became a level 80 tankadin at about the release of ToC so I am still new to tanking. I had been a Hunter and warlock all the way through the end game content of Burning Crusade and I wanted a change.

I still enjoy tanking for the most part. However once you become a geared tank you lose out on any opportunities to be anything but a tank. Once in a while I would like to dust off the Hunter or warlock and go mindlessly kill things in a heroic but I can’t because I am always called upon to be a tank.

Many times I have started a heroic as a dps and had to switch because the tank left or something else happened that needed me to tank. Sometimes it is hard for me to balance my desires against the everyone elses desires.

Contrary to many people’s thoughts I will NEVER Be a Deeps paladin, I am dual spec tank/Heals. If I want to Deeps I will use one of my 2 DPS toons.


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  1. I, too, am no longer really a fan of Retribution and have chosen to keep my dual spec as main heals and tank, which I very much enjoy. It’s pretty nice to be able to control the pace of things sometimes! 🙂

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