Daily Archives: May 31, 2011

Liquid Gold vs Solid Gold

Since my Foray into the Goblin World of the Auction House I have been mulling over 2 new terms: Liquid gold and Solid Gold.

Liquid Gold is what I use to describe the Gold I have available to spend at any given time. Currently my Banker is holding about 20k Gold. And that is all there is of the liquid gold, Really easy to calculate.

Solid Gold is gold that I have but is tied up in items and not available to spend right away. For Example: the 25 Stacks of Pyrite Ore that I have tucked away in the darkest reaches of my guild vault is currently worth 144G per stack which comes out to 3600G. I also have 63k Gold tied up in current auctions, 15K Tied up in enchanting mats and around 5K in gems. Therefore My current amount of solid gold is  86,600. Now this is gold that I should have available and it fluctuates almost hourly based on market prices. I do not have Immediate access to this gold and I would have to have a trade chat fire sale to get anything out of it on a moments notice.

     I bring all this up because as my ventures into the AH get more and more Involved I was getting rather frustrated at the lack of liquid gold. Until I realized that I have made A ton More than that liquid gold amount but I have invested it back into the Market. It was a turning point in my Goblin career as I finally understood what they meant when they said you had to spend money to make money.