Auction House PvP

I have recently decided to get involved in some Auction House PvP.

I have been moderately successful however the gold cap seems to be safe for now. In the many years I have been playing WoW I have never thought about using the AH to its full potential.

I started out with the jewelcrafting market, I have found this market to be a low profit margin market overall if you do not produce your own gems. I am making decent gold by cutting just a few select cuts that seem to have the highest profit margin.

After I had saved up 20K gold I delved into the enchanting market by selling scrolls. This market has a High profit margin but seems to fluctuate wildly. I am currently sitting on very little gold but a lot of stock both in and out of the AH.

Engineering market is absolutely hideous an there is no money to be made there.

I am very cautious about the glyph market. I see glyphs as being a 1 shot deal and then you lose the customer. Once you learn a glyph you then know it forever and do not need to buy that glyph again, Therefore I am not sure the glyph market will be profitable for long.

I will continue this experiment and see where it leads.


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