PUGS Volume 1

I named This volume 1 because I am sure I will have more to talk about.

     So the other night 2 guildies and myself decided to run one of the new Randoms. I was tank and the guildies were heals and dps. We got ZG as the random. We zoned into the instance and were promptly greeted by a hunter who said “Welcome to Hell” I was slightly concerned but my Paladin ego didn’t let me get too concerned.

The group was made up like this:

Tank: Me (Paladin)

Healer: Paladin (Guildie)

Dps: Warlock (Guildie)

Dps: Hunter

Dps: Warrior

So we mount up and ride to the first boss. There was a pile of bodies there that looked like Tol Barad after a battle. I was getting slightly concerned but I knew that at least 3 of us knew what to do. We one shot the boss and worked our way up to the raptor boss. This is where things turned bad. The warrior Died on almost every single slam. I understand crap happens and you might get hit by one but he got hit by almost every single slam. The hunter who I noticed was decked out in a lovely bargain bin selection of PVP gear was also getting hit by the slam occasionally.

After about 3 wipes with the warrior single-handedly using up all the rezzes the hunter goes off on us. Apparently the failure was all my fault for not stunning the raptor. (Mind you my stun has a 1 minute cooldown and I was tanking the boss) He said the healer should have been using her stun on the raptor also (Same Cooldown) And that our guild was fail we sucked we should change our name etc etc.

Mind you the entire time I never saw a frost trap or any warrior stuns. The hunter left and we booted the warrior and cleared the place with ease with the replacements.

Am I in the wrong here? Are the tank and healer (Who have the longest cooldowns) the only ones responsible for stunning the raptor?

I lost my cool that night and it has been a long time since that has happened. I think the last time was in Burning Crusade where I called someone a Douchebag and received a nice letter from blizzard.


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  1. No, you were totally fine. Some people just love to play the tank and/or healer blame game. In your case it was their lucky day, a two-fer! The raptor is fairly easy to kill even without slows if your dps is average at least, but if not then everyone is responsible for slows. I always use traps, totems, and stuns no matter what toon I am playing, and I’d expect everyone else to do the same. 🙂

  2. on my warri tank I tend to stun and shockwave and slow the raptor as much as I can…
    I don’t do this because I think it’s my responsibility, but we all want to down the boss. And I for my part have not seen many PUGs that handled the raptor easily, it somehow always was a struggle to drop a frost-trap or an ice nova there for my PUGs…
    My motivation is I just want to down this one without a wipe so I do the best I can to support the group and try to make up to the lacks of other group members… Just don’t rely on PUG players and stun the shit out of ohgan 😉

    • I am all for doing my part also However Paladins have 1 stun effect and it has a 1 Minute cooldown so therefore I am not the person to rely on for keeping the raptor stunned.

      On my hunter I don’t use the frost trap I choose to use concussive shot, Same amount of slow but on concussive shot the cooldown is less than the effect, I simply tag it toi my mousewheel for that fight and it keeps the raptor slowed

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