Daily Archives: May 10, 2011


When patch 4.1 went live it broke most of the addons, Although this was an inconvenience for me it was not a life altering thing. However it did provide me with many hours of entertainment Listening to the idiots in trade chat whining, crying and bitching about the fact that their addons were broken.

One person stated that blizzard should not release any changes to the game without first making sure all addons would work. I hate to say it but I doubt Blizzard (with 10 million subscribers @ $15.00 per month) really cares what the addon developer working for little if anything wants

Many people were complaining that their favorite addon wasn’t updated yet. Ummm the servers have only been back up for 15 minutes Give the guy working for little or nothing some time to maybe finish his/her real job.

Overall it was enjoyable just listening (watching really) people have no idea how to play the game without addons. Don’t get me wrong I love my addons also but I can play without them, They simply make things easier, And don’t get me wrong I have all the respect for the addon developers, My problem is with the players that can’t seem to get mail or find the AH without an addon