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Liquid Gold vs Solid Gold

Since my Foray into the Goblin World of the Auction House I have been mulling over 2 new terms: Liquid gold and Solid Gold.

Liquid Gold is what I use to describe the Gold I have available to spend at any given time. Currently my Banker is holding about 20k Gold. And that is all there is of the liquid gold, Really easy to calculate.

Solid Gold is gold that I have but is tied up in items and not available to spend right away. For Example: the 25 Stacks of Pyrite Ore that I have tucked away in the darkest reaches of my guild vault is currently worth 144G per stack which comes out to 3600G. I also have 63k Gold tied up in current auctions, 15K Tied up in enchanting mats and around 5K in gems. Therefore My current amount of solid gold is  86,600. Now this is gold that I should have available and it fluctuates almost hourly based on market prices. I do not have Immediate access to this gold and I would have to have a trade chat fire sale to get anything out of it on a moments notice.

     I bring all this up because as my ventures into the AH get more and more Involved I was getting rather frustrated at the lack of liquid gold. Until I realized that I have made A ton More than that liquid gold amount but I have invested it back into the Market. It was a turning point in my Goblin career as I finally understood what they meant when they said you had to spend money to make money.


Auction House PvP

I have recently decided to get involved in some Auction House PvP.

I have been moderately successful however the gold cap seems to be safe for now. In the many years I have been playing WoW I have never thought about using the AH to its full potential.

I started out with the jewelcrafting market, I have found this market to be a low profit margin market overall if you do not produce your own gems. I am making decent gold by cutting just a few select cuts that seem to have the highest profit margin.

After I had saved up 20K gold I delved into the enchanting market by selling scrolls. This market has a High profit margin but seems to fluctuate wildly. I am currently sitting on very little gold but a lot of stock both in and out of the AH.

Engineering market is absolutely hideous an there is no money to be made there.

I am very cautious about the glyph market. I see glyphs as being a 1 shot deal and then you lose the customer. Once you learn a glyph you then know it forever and do not need to buy that glyph again, Therefore I am not sure the glyph market will be profitable for long.

I will continue this experiment and see where it leads.

PUGS Volume 1

I named This volume 1 because I am sure I will have more to talk about.

     So the other night 2 guildies and myself decided to run one of the new Randoms. I was tank and the guildies were heals and dps. We got ZG as the random. We zoned into the instance and were promptly greeted by a hunter who said “Welcome to Hell” I was slightly concerned but my Paladin ego didn’t let me get too concerned.

The group was made up like this:

Tank: Me (Paladin)

Healer: Paladin (Guildie)

Dps: Warlock (Guildie)

Dps: Hunter

Dps: Warrior

So we mount up and ride to the first boss. There was a pile of bodies there that looked like Tol Barad after a battle. I was getting slightly concerned but I knew that at least 3 of us knew what to do. We one shot the boss and worked our way up to the raptor boss. This is where things turned bad. The warrior Died on almost every single slam. I understand crap happens and you might get hit by one but he got hit by almost every single slam. The hunter who I noticed was decked out in a lovely bargain bin selection of PVP gear was also getting hit by the slam occasionally.

After about 3 wipes with the warrior single-handedly using up all the rezzes the hunter goes off on us. Apparently the failure was all my fault for not stunning the raptor. (Mind you my stun has a 1 minute cooldown and I was tanking the boss) He said the healer should have been using her stun on the raptor also (Same Cooldown) And that our guild was fail we sucked we should change our name etc etc.

Mind you the entire time I never saw a frost trap or any warrior stuns. The hunter left and we booted the warrior and cleared the place with ease with the replacements.

Am I in the wrong here? Are the tank and healer (Who have the longest cooldowns) the only ones responsible for stunning the raptor?

I lost my cool that night and it has been a long time since that has happened. I think the last time was in Burning Crusade where I called someone a Douchebag and received a nice letter from blizzard.


When patch 4.1 went live it broke most of the addons, Although this was an inconvenience for me it was not a life altering thing. However it did provide me with many hours of entertainment Listening to the idiots in trade chat whining, crying and bitching about the fact that their addons were broken.

One person stated that blizzard should not release any changes to the game without first making sure all addons would work. I hate to say it but I doubt Blizzard (with 10 million subscribers @ $15.00 per month) really cares what the addon developer working for little if anything wants

Many people were complaining that their favorite addon wasn’t updated yet. Ummm the servers have only been back up for 15 minutes Give the guy working for little or nothing some time to maybe finish his/her real job.

Overall it was enjoyable just listening (watching really) people have no idea how to play the game without addons. Don’t get me wrong I love my addons also but I can play without them, They simply make things easier, And don’t get me wrong I have all the respect for the addon developers, My problem is with the players that can’t seem to get mail or find the AH without an addon

Patch 4.1

Patch 4.1 was released this week on live servers and overall I am liking it. As with any big patch there are certain things that I feel are bad, but most of the changes are pretty good.

Class Changes: I like the AOE damage buff to DPS classes it is finally nice to actually be able to do some AOE damage. I dislike the Word of Glory change for Prot Paladins though, it was nice to have that instant healing ability available. Now I have to time it and use it a lot more sparingly which makes the healers work harder.

UI Changes: They changed the gear organizer and made it a little harder to use in my opinion. Maybe I am just not used to it yet, Time will tell. I like the way the titles are organized a lot better now.

General Changes: The Wintersaber Mount is great but sucks for those people who had to grind the rep to get it. I like the changes to the guilds, Should be much easier to recruit now.

The new instances: These things are seriously hard. I am the hell beat out of me on my tank, I am sure I will figure it out in time. I do like my new helmet from nalorakk in ZA though looks awesome. 

And since the patch broke a lot of the addons it gave me some great entertainment and an idea for my next post.