Now that we are slowly winding down the insidious holiday of Noblegarden I am pleased to say that I have completed the meta achievement on Forz and will Never Ever do this holiday again. This one is up there pretty high on my list of hated WoW holidays.

     First of you start with the eggs, Everything in this holiday revolves around you finding some easter eggs hidden around the newbie starting zones, I am fine with the thought but when you have 500 People all hunting eggs at azure Watch it gets frustrating and annoying very quickly. Everything you have to get to finish the holiday achievement is done by gathering the eggs. After 2 days and 700 eggs I finally had all the items I needed.

     Shake your Bunny Maker: The first 1/2 of this was easy as I got lucky on the Dwarf female and the others are pretty common. I grabbed all the Horde females by Bubble running naked into their camp in tol barad, Except for 1 the Orc female. I worked for 8 Hours to find an orc female. I checked Shattrath and Dalaran. I even cruised the Orc starting areas. Finally i went to Orgrimmar where I though there would have to be an Orc female. As you can probably guess the lifespan of a human Paladin in Orgrimmar is rather short so I stalked orgrimmar for 2 hours while dead and still couldn’t find one. I tried the BG’s and still no luck. Finally I resorted to bribery and got 1 orc female to come outside of orgrimmar for a few minutes.

     I am glad this holiday is over for me, I will never do this one again. I don’t mind holidays in general but I have learned to despise the ones that require certain class or race combinations. Hardly anyone plays a dwarf female or orc female.


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