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 Eienese was a good friend of mine and we traveled a lot of raids together, unfortunately she passed away last year.

I have been struggling to deal with this loss. She was very friendly and outgoing and I always looked forward to her popping up in guild chat. Even today I still miss her and I wish I was able to attend the memorial event that the guild hosted.

     I enjoyed running around with Eienese because even on the most horrible of raid nights she had the ability to make it seem a lot better than it was and there are not that many people I have met who can do that. She never complained. Never did anything to make you look negatively upon her.

My super awesome GM has kept her on the guild roster, And I keep waiting to see her log in. Her loss created a large hole in this game. And a large hole in my heart.

There are only a few people in this game world that I would proudly walk through hell to help and she was one of them.

 Eienese I miss you, It’s just not as fun without you. And my life was better having known you.

Rest In Peace,



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  1. I haven’t even played the game in a year. I still think about her every day.

    I loved that woman dearly.

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