BA shared Topic: Who owns a guild?

     I am late on this, But last week at Blog Azeroth The Lonely Pally started the weekly shared topic was Who owns a guild? This is my first attempt at the Shared topic so please bear with me.

     Ever since Cata came out the guild system has undergone massive changes. I can remember when guilds didn’t even have their own bank lol. Now everyone invests in a guild, From the level 1 to the daily raider has some say in the guild. ultimately the Guild belongs to the Guildmaster. In a good guild the GM will allow the players to have equal say. But no matter what the GM has ultimate control.

      I would love to see some more major changes to the guild system. Bati over at Holy Nova Now has some great ideas which probably could have helped him keep his guild from being disbanded by a hacker. The one I am in favor of the most is 10 people needed to disband a guild. You need 10 people to create a guild so require 10 people to disband a guild.

     I have not changed guilds in a long time so I don’t know the time involved from an individual standpoint to raise your reputation in a new guild to revered or above. But I will guess that it is quite a long time.

     The guild should be a democracy. It is currently a monarchy/dictatorship. I honestly don’t think Blizzard can make guilds a democracy so I won’t even dream about it happening. 

     A guild belong to everyone involved in that guild. Each and every toon makes an impact on the guild as a whole, and each and every player should have a say.


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