Old School vs New school

Since I have been venturing deeper into the cataclysm world I have really started to notice the stark difference between the Old School Players and the New School players.

In Burning Crusade players actually had to know how to play their class. This meant using Crowd Control and knowing how to fight in a crowd control environment. They actually had to use most of their abilities.

In Lich King players were able to basically Faceroll through the content and be successful.

In cataclysm we are once again back to the old school method of things. I have encountered so many people who joined the game during lich king and have limited idea on how to play their class. Nothing against these people because they will learn but the difference is very noticeable right now.

I have seen many hunters who have No Idea how to trap a mob without using the trap launcher and many don’t know about the ability called distracting shot.

I have had people tell me they can’t CC that type of mob when I know for a fact they can.

I have seen AOE classes fire off an AOE when mobs are CC’d Nothing kills a good pull like a Seed of Corruption, Blizzard, Or Rain of Fire, when you have 3 mobs CC’d.

The old School players automatically know what they need to do to accomplish the end result and they do it. The new school player has to be instructed on how to do it.

Nothing against New players, They are the ones that keep this game great. But we know you are out there so don’t try to hide. Ask for help if you need it.

We were all new once.


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  1. Absolutely. There has been an obvious difference in play style with Wrath babies. I leveled in vanilla so CC has never been anything new to me. One thing I tried to do during Wrath was instill in guildies to use their cc abilities. We would go into wrath dungeons and everyone was told to cc whatever they wanted. Sometimes we marked sometimes we didn’t. It made us all practice and pay attention to the group as a whole. You had to look and see what mob you were hitting and what the tank was doing. I actually made hunters practice chain trapping. It was for fun but I think it made folks more aware. Whenever I bring up a new alt I always practice my cc while leveling, pulling multiple mobs and such.
    It’s interesting seeing the difference in dungeons now, even compared to BC; such as hunter traps and what it was like before trap launchers. Thanks for the post and yes I agree, everyone should ask if they need help. Otherwise we assume you know already.

  2. I am slowly getting people trained in using CC. I mark one for the hunter and tell the others to CC what they can. I focus on the rest. There have been some bad pulls but overall I am seeing an improvement.
    Thanks for reading

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