People I respect: Keeyara

There are a few people in this game I respect more than the rest. Occasionally I find someone who is so exceptional that they need a little recognition. I will write about these people when the spirit hits me.

Keeyara is one of those people. Not only is she my GM but also a good friend who has been in the game non-stop since Burning Crusade.

I have seen the work GM’s have to go through to run a successful guild and I know for a fact that I could never be a GM. I don’t have the negotiating skills to deal with the various forms of drama that every guild has. And I no longer have the patience to deal with handholding some people through content.

Keeyara has kept our guild together since Burning Crusade and has managed to keep it strong throughout. I have seen many guilds and friends come and go during this period and we still endure thanks to Keeyara.

Keeyara is willing to do what is necessary to help out the guild or a guild member whether it be tanking on Keeyara, Healing on her other character. Or just talking in vent.

And even though we had some recent guild drama and lost a good portion of our core 10 man raid group. She has stuck with us as we try to rebuild the guild to a successful raiding group again.

Keeyara is one of the reasons I cam back to the game. If she had left the guild or the guild had been disbanded I would not have come back.

I am happy and lucky to have Keeyara as a guildmaster and even luckier to call her a friend.


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  1. Keey is the reason I played so long.

    Her forgiveness and understanding is why I stayed in DRX so long.

    She’s the person I miss the most from WoW.

    Tell her I said “hi”, will ya Forz?

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