I understand the need for daily quests in the game but to be honest I am running out of ways to try to make them even remotely enjoyable. Forz takes forever to kill mobs, She can kill 50 at a time just takes days. Forzaken Just sends the pet on them and watches the arrows fly. Druxus DoTs them up and waits. Overall doing the daily quest run s boring.

However Occasionally I need some gold. Repair bills and raiding needs occasionally overtake my auction house profits. I like to maintain around 10K gold minimum and I get kinda nervous if I go much below that. Recently I took a long time off from the daily grind and let the gold supply get down to about 3K. So now I am grinding dailies on all 3 toons to replenish the gold supply.

I think my dislike for daily quests developed during the Argent Tournament. I think that was the straw that broke the camels back. I absolutely despised the jousting quests, and the fact that you had to run what seemed like a hundred quests everyday to get anywhere.

I like the dailies that are fast and relatively easy. Tol Barad is horrible because there is always half the server they’re going after the same mobs. Therazane is okay and the rep goes up pretty quickly. Ramhaken only has 2 and I love the thieving little pluckers one. Twilight highlands can be a pain at times because of the spawn rat and the fact that the horde keep blowing up my whiskey.

Hopefully with the new are there will be some new dailies that will be enjoyable for a while.


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