Blizzards Tank Bribery

One of the Hot issues around the Blogosphere is the new reward system Blizzard is putting in for the LFD system and I also have my thought on the issue.

DPS: Face it now if you are DPS you will NEVER see the rewards. I can under no circumstances see where the LFD queue would be short on DPS.

Healers: At the current time (In My battlegroup) you will probably not see the rewards either. your odds are better than DPS though

Tanks: We get to queue Solo for randoms in exchange for getting extra items if we manage to down the final boss. The key word there is Solo. You can’t take a healer friend or a dps friend with you.

Basically what this amounts to is blizzard bribing the current tanks to queue for randoms and giving incentive for others to become tanks.

The majority of the tanks I have spoken with have said this bribery will not motivate them to run randoms anymore than they do already. Tanks in randoms take a heck of a lot of abuse we are either too slow, too fast, or everything is our fault. Healers also get a lot of the blame. DPS rarely admits when they screw up and they want a nice easy faceroll through the heroics for free shineys.

The rewards for tanks are Ok. Not great but nice. I don’t think they are good enough to make more tanks do LFD, But I could be wrong. I think there will be a slightly noticable increase in the number of tanks, But will there be an increase in the number of Good tanks?


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