Horrible tanking experience

So last night we decided to do a guild trash run in BoT, This was our first guild run since the mass exodus. My expectations were not high because of the fact that we had a lot of people new to raiding and I fully expected a large repair bill as we trained the new raiders.

It actually was a lot worse than even I could have possibly thought. The first couple of pulls the other tank talked so softly in Vent that no one else could hear him call out CC assignments or announce the pull. This lead to blown assignments and a total wipe. I took over on the next try and we had the same result due to a bad AOE cast by one of our warlocks. (Seed of corruption bad in crowd control) After this wipe the other tank decided he didn’t want to tank and he wanted to be a healer.

The non-guildie they found to off tank didn’t use vent, Didn’t announce the crowd controls and had a nasty habit of pulling when people weren’t ready Including me I had to run as fast as my legs would go just to get in on the fight before the tank got overwhelmed. After a few of these type pulls I was wishing paladins carried guns so I could shoot myself in the foot. The next pull the tank Death and decayed all the cc so he and the healers were killed quickly. I rounded up all the mobs and started burning cooldowns for some reason quite a few of the DPS didn’t hear my cries of run out while you still can. I don’t like calling wipes But the facts were on the wall. 1 tank+ 5 mobs+No Healers=Wipe.

The raid leader got a guildie to come in and offtank for me and we were able to get a few good trash clears done and get some epics given out. The first tank quit the guild after the run.

Some days I wish I was hunter more often and tank less.


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  1. Ouch, sounds like a tough night :< Hopefully things will get better. Perhaps it's just a matter of synergy that needs to happen.

  2. I love your podcast, Thanks for reading

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