Are healers flaky?

The last 2 days I have been using the Dungeon finder with a partial guild group to get some Justice Points. I noticed the healers keep leaving the group. They always leave without an explanation and normally unexpectedly. I thought it might be my tanking but I have been told by a few healers that I am not hard to heal. I admit I am still a little squishy and learning the fights as a tank. I do everything possible to make it easy on the healers.

Is it the rest of the group? Is there too much group damage for the healers and they leave rather than stick it out? Mzbehaven our guilds main healer who is geared close to my ilevel has little problem keeping me alive.

My healing experience is limited I admit I do not like healing, Personally when I tried Healing in WOTLK I found it to be rather boring. Healers are much like tanks they have to be good for the group to succeed. You can’t carry a bad Healer.

Are The healers bailing because they expect an easy faceroll run? Am I getting brand new healers? Am I hard to heal? I Honestly don’t have the answer.


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