I have found my Mojo Again!!!!

Ever since I came back to WoW I have been in a state of shell-shock at the paladin changes. I am a Tankadin have always been a tankadin. Will always be a Tankadin. (I do have a healing offspec but I have never healed) The changes Blizzard made in Cata caused me to lose all confidence in my tanking abilities and I was dreading tanking. After a mass exodus from the guild I am in I have been thrust into a tanking role again. I have been getting steadily better at it but was still lacking confidence. The other night we were in a guild run through SFK and were working on the red light green light boss, I watched as slowly the DPS died 1 after the other and before I knew it I was the last person alive. The boss was low on health (around 300k) so I went into survival mode and slowly (I am not a high dps tank) Killed off the boss. The adrenaline rush of the end of that fight was awesome and as I sat speechless in Vent. I realized that I had found my mojo again and was ready to tank again.


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