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     Now that we are slowly winding down the insidious holiday of Noblegarden I am pleased to say that I have completed the meta achievement on Forz and will Never Ever do this holiday again. This one is up there pretty high on my list of hated WoW holidays.

     First of you start with the eggs, Everything in this holiday revolves around you finding some easter eggs hidden around the newbie starting zones, I am fine with the thought but when you have 500 People all hunting eggs at azure Watch it gets frustrating and annoying very quickly. Everything you have to get to finish the holiday achievement is done by gathering the eggs. After 2 days and 700 eggs I finally had all the items I needed.

     Shake your Bunny Maker: The first 1/2 of this was easy as I got lucky on the Dwarf female and the others are pretty common. I grabbed all the Horde females by Bubble running naked into their camp in tol barad, Except for 1 the Orc female. I worked for 8 Hours to find an orc female. I checked Shattrath and Dalaran. I even cruised the Orc starting areas. Finally i went to Orgrimmar where I though there would have to be an Orc female. As you can probably guess the lifespan of a human Paladin in Orgrimmar is rather short so I stalked orgrimmar for 2 hours while dead and still couldn’t find one. I tried the BG’s and still no luck. Finally I resorted to bribery and got 1 orc female to come outside of orgrimmar for a few minutes.

     I am glad this holiday is over for me, I will never do this one again. I don’t mind holidays in general but I have learned to despise the ones that require certain class or race combinations. Hardly anyone plays a dwarf female or orc female.



                                                         (Picture from drx web)

 Eienese was a good friend of mine and we traveled a lot of raids together, unfortunately she passed away last year.

I have been struggling to deal with this loss. She was very friendly and outgoing and I always looked forward to her popping up in guild chat. Even today I still miss her and I wish I was able to attend the memorial event that the guild hosted.

     I enjoyed running around with Eienese because even on the most horrible of raid nights she had the ability to make it seem a lot better than it was and there are not that many people I have met who can do that. She never complained. Never did anything to make you look negatively upon her.

My super awesome GM has kept her on the guild roster, And I keep waiting to see her log in. Her loss created a large hole in this game. And a large hole in my heart.

There are only a few people in this game world that I would proudly walk through hell to help and she was one of them.

 Eienese I miss you, It’s just not as fun without you. And my life was better having known you.

Rest In Peace,


BA shared Topic: Who owns a guild?

     I am late on this, But last week at Blog Azeroth The Lonely Pally started the weekly shared topic was Who owns a guild? This is my first attempt at the Shared topic so please bear with me.

     Ever since Cata came out the guild system has undergone massive changes. I can remember when guilds didn’t even have their own bank lol. Now everyone invests in a guild, From the level 1 to the daily raider has some say in the guild. ultimately the Guild belongs to the Guildmaster. In a good guild the GM will allow the players to have equal say. But no matter what the GM has ultimate control.

      I would love to see some more major changes to the guild system. Bati over at Holy Nova Now has some great ideas which probably could have helped him keep his guild from being disbanded by a hacker. The one I am in favor of the most is 10 people needed to disband a guild. You need 10 people to create a guild so require 10 people to disband a guild.

     I have not changed guilds in a long time so I don’t know the time involved from an individual standpoint to raise your reputation in a new guild to revered or above. But I will guess that it is quite a long time.

     The guild should be a democracy. It is currently a monarchy/dictatorship. I honestly don’t think Blizzard can make guilds a democracy so I won’t even dream about it happening. 

     A guild belong to everyone involved in that guild. Each and every toon makes an impact on the guild as a whole, and each and every player should have a say.

Old School vs New school

Since I have been venturing deeper into the cataclysm world I have really started to notice the stark difference between the Old School Players and the New School players.

In Burning Crusade players actually had to know how to play their class. This meant using Crowd Control and knowing how to fight in a crowd control environment. They actually had to use most of their abilities.

In Lich King players were able to basically Faceroll through the content and be successful.

In cataclysm we are once again back to the old school method of things. I have encountered so many people who joined the game during lich king and have limited idea on how to play their class. Nothing against these people because they will learn but the difference is very noticeable right now.

I have seen many hunters who have No Idea how to trap a mob without using the trap launcher and many don’t know about the ability called distracting shot.

I have had people tell me they can’t CC that type of mob when I know for a fact they can.

I have seen AOE classes fire off an AOE when mobs are CC’d Nothing kills a good pull like a Seed of Corruption, Blizzard, Or Rain of Fire, when you have 3 mobs CC’d.

The old School players automatically know what they need to do to accomplish the end result and they do it. The new school player has to be instructed on how to do it.

Nothing against New players, They are the ones that keep this game great. But we know you are out there so don’t try to hide. Ask for help if you need it.

We were all new once.

People I respect: Keeyara

There are a few people in this game I respect more than the rest. Occasionally I find someone who is so exceptional that they need a little recognition. I will write about these people when the spirit hits me.

Keeyara is one of those people. Not only is she my GM but also a good friend who has been in the game non-stop since Burning Crusade.

I have seen the work GM’s have to go through to run a successful guild and I know for a fact that I could never be a GM. I don’t have the negotiating skills to deal with the various forms of drama that every guild has. And I no longer have the patience to deal with handholding some people through content.

Keeyara has kept our guild together since Burning Crusade and has managed to keep it strong throughout. I have seen many guilds and friends come and go during this period and we still endure thanks to Keeyara.

Keeyara is willing to do what is necessary to help out the guild or a guild member whether it be tanking on Keeyara, Healing on her other character. Or just talking in vent.

And even though we had some recent guild drama and lost a good portion of our core 10 man raid group. She has stuck with us as we try to rebuild the guild to a successful raiding group again.

Keeyara is one of the reasons I cam back to the game. If she had left the guild or the guild had been disbanded I would not have come back.

I am happy and lucky to have Keeyara as a guildmaster and even luckier to call her a friend.


I have been running some of the old raids and have come to the conclusion that some of these old raids had a lot more work put into them than the new ones.

My favorite is Karazhan, from the moment you walk into kara you are hit with an eerie feeling and even the smallest detail reinforces this feeling.

You start with the ghostly stables, home of Attumen the Huntsman who is rumored to drop a mount. (Never for me apparently)

You then encounter Moroes and his ghostly guests who are dining on a wonderful meal of what looks like 200-year-old ham. Back when Kara was a progression raid Moroes used to be somewhat of a raid breaker because of the CC needed to successfully beat the encounter.

Next up on the list is Maiden of Virtue who resembles Freya. I sucked on the floor tiles many times during the maiden fight because of healer priorities. (And by the way for you tanks out there, She goes commando)

Next is my personal favorite The  Opera Event, which is one of four different encounters that changed weekly. I used to get the biggest laughs out of the little red riding hood encounter, there was just something about all these people running around in circles to avoid the Big Bad Wolf. The opera event takes place in the large theater of Kara with hundreds of guests watching. 

Once you beat the opera event you unlocked the side door to kara and started at the Broken Stairs, You had the option of giving Nightbane a try if you so desired but he had to be summoned with a special item and a lot of groups skipped him for this reason.

After a good number of trash pulls you bump into The Curator who dropped the old Tier 4 token. Most of my time on The Curator was listening to the raid leader scream out to DPS the sparks.

Hidden behind a bookcase further on is Terestian Illhoof who was a warlocks dream boss. Seed of Corruption, Seed of Corruption, Seed of Corruption, and after that… Seed of Corruption. Terestian Illhoof was an optional boss and most groups would skip him if a warlock was not in the group.  

This second part of Kara had some complicated trash pulls and a lot of them. You eventually worked your way up to Shade of Aran who I think wiped more new raiders than any other boss. When someone new to Kara asked about the fight the typical response was “You will be dead anyways so just watch and learn” The arcane explosion killed new people every time. On the positive side once you downed Shade of Aran you opened a teleport from the entrance back up to his room, So wipe recovery wa much quicker.

The next boss was Netherspite. At the time Netherspite was a major pain and most groups skipped him altogether. Corla, Herald of Twilight is much like Netherspite with a few major differences. In the Netherspite encounter the beams all have a good effect and a bad effect some people had to rotate in and out of the beams according to role or class to make the bad effects less of an impact.

The Chess event was next and it is one of the easier fights. If you told someone you wiped on the Chess event You would probably be laughed off of the server. The only way to describe the Chess event is to say that you take part in a game of chess as either Horde or Alliance versus the other. And you physically took over the chess Pieces.

Finally you climbed to the top of Kara and Encountered Prince Malchezaar. This encounter was hard for melee classes to get the hang of due to the number of times they would have to run away during an enfeeble. If they ran too slow one time they were dead.

Kara took a good 2 nights normally when you were on farm, due to the sheer size of the place. I would love to see Kara rebuilt into a cataclysm raid.  

In closing if you have the chance take a trip to kara if you never have, But be advised Kara had an Attunment and even though the attunment is gone you still need to have the key to get into the instance so have someone with the key come and unlock it for you.


I understand the need for daily quests in the game but to be honest I am running out of ways to try to make them even remotely enjoyable. Forz takes forever to kill mobs, She can kill 50 at a time just takes days. Forzaken Just sends the pet on them and watches the arrows fly. Druxus DoTs them up and waits. Overall doing the daily quest run s boring.

However Occasionally I need some gold. Repair bills and raiding needs occasionally overtake my auction house profits. I like to maintain around 10K gold minimum and I get kinda nervous if I go much below that. Recently I took a long time off from the daily grind and let the gold supply get down to about 3K. So now I am grinding dailies on all 3 toons to replenish the gold supply.

I think my dislike for daily quests developed during the Argent Tournament. I think that was the straw that broke the camels back. I absolutely despised the jousting quests, and the fact that you had to run what seemed like a hundred quests everyday to get anywhere.

I like the dailies that are fast and relatively easy. Tol Barad is horrible because there is always half the server they’re going after the same mobs. Therazane is okay and the rep goes up pretty quickly. Ramhaken only has 2 and I love the thieving little pluckers one. Twilight highlands can be a pain at times because of the spawn rat and the fact that the horde keep blowing up my whiskey.

Hopefully with the new are there will be some new dailies that will be enjoyable for a while.

Blizzards Tank Bribery

One of the Hot issues around the Blogosphere is the new reward system Blizzard is putting in for the LFD system and I also have my thought on the issue.

DPS: Face it now if you are DPS you will NEVER see the rewards. I can under no circumstances see where the LFD queue would be short on DPS.

Healers: At the current time (In My battlegroup) you will probably not see the rewards either. your odds are better than DPS though

Tanks: We get to queue Solo for randoms in exchange for getting extra items if we manage to down the final boss. The key word there is Solo. You can’t take a healer friend or a dps friend with you.

Basically what this amounts to is blizzard bribing the current tanks to queue for randoms and giving incentive for others to become tanks.

The majority of the tanks I have spoken with have said this bribery will not motivate them to run randoms anymore than they do already. Tanks in randoms take a heck of a lot of abuse we are either too slow, too fast, or everything is our fault. Healers also get a lot of the blame. DPS rarely admits when they screw up and they want a nice easy faceroll through the heroics for free shineys.

The rewards for tanks are Ok. Not great but nice. I don’t think they are good enough to make more tanks do LFD, But I could be wrong. I think there will be a slightly noticable increase in the number of tanks, But will there be an increase in the number of Good tanks?

Screenshot of the day

Once in a while I come across something in game that either makes me go Huh? or laugh my butt off this one did both.

I think we need a bigger boat


Tank went on to kill almost everyone who swam out to do the Captain Harris Quest. I went into camo and went far enough away to avoid getting killed yet still close enough to enjoy the fun.

Horrible tanking experience

So last night we decided to do a guild trash run in BoT, This was our first guild run since the mass exodus. My expectations were not high because of the fact that we had a lot of people new to raiding and I fully expected a large repair bill as we trained the new raiders.

It actually was a lot worse than even I could have possibly thought. The first couple of pulls the other tank talked so softly in Vent that no one else could hear him call out CC assignments or announce the pull. This lead to blown assignments and a total wipe. I took over on the next try and we had the same result due to a bad AOE cast by one of our warlocks. (Seed of corruption bad in crowd control) After this wipe the other tank decided he didn’t want to tank and he wanted to be a healer.

The non-guildie they found to off tank didn’t use vent, Didn’t announce the crowd controls and had a nasty habit of pulling when people weren’t ready Including me I had to run as fast as my legs would go just to get in on the fight before the tank got overwhelmed. After a few of these type pulls I was wishing paladins carried guns so I could shoot myself in the foot. The next pull the tank Death and decayed all the cc so he and the healers were killed quickly. I rounded up all the mobs and started burning cooldowns for some reason quite a few of the DPS didn’t hear my cries of run out while you still can. I don’t like calling wipes But the facts were on the wall. 1 tank+ 5 mobs+No Healers=Wipe.

The raid leader got a guildie to come in and offtank for me and we were able to get a few good trash clears done and get some epics given out. The first tank quit the guild after the run.

Some days I wish I was hunter more often and tank less.