The Legendary Test

Earlier this week Larísa Of  The pink Pigtail Inn Wrote About wow Burnout      I myself have recently returned from wow after a prolonged vacation. The vacation was due to real life issues but I feel that it did me a world of good. I was shell-shocked when I returned having left during WOTLK and returning after cataclysm. But I came back with a renewed interest in the game. However I noticed recently that my friends list is getting smaller and smaller as people either leave the game or server transfer and I look back on the past with mostly fond memories. I still have a few good friends in the game and I don’t foresee me leaving the game for good anytime soon, However I do not pass the legendary test anymore because I realized I don’t care about raiding.

     I used to eat sleep and breathe raiding I was the raid leader in a few semi hardcore raiding guilds and every moment in WoW was spent doing something involving raiding either farming, planning, discussing, or recruiting. Since I have returned I have not lead anything and I am enjoying it a lot more. However I think I may be raided out. I raided in BC, WOTLK. the people I am raiding with now don’t even know what BC is and Half of them were not around until ICC. I am more than happy to let some of the new blood take up the legendary carrying duties. I no longer go “oh shiny” when an epic drops. I don’t know the loot tables of any of the bosses in cata and don’t care to.

Will I leave WoW…Yes I will, I don’t know when might be next week if something happens or I might be the last one left to turn out the lights on Shu’Halo


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