Does Shu’Halo=Shu’Failo

Having been on Shu’Halo since a few months after they flipped the switch I have seen many, Many people come and go and A lot of my friends have left for other servers. For a few years now the Shu has been the laughingstock of progression. I don’t know a lot about the horde side of things but I know that the alliance side is rather pathetic in the progression side of things. The best guild on the Alliance side is 4/13 Heroic according to wowProgress.

     I don’t really know why this is. It could be a lack of quality players or the fact that every guild wants to be a raiding guild. It seems to me that if someone were to gather up all the good player and really make a run at things it would help the server overall. Instead we have 60 guilds all trying to raid and all failing. I know that the guild I am in has been hammering at new content for a few weeks now with very little progress.

     So what can be done to fix the server?


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