Starting out

I have decided to start a WoW blog. I have been Since Burning Crusade and on the same 2 servers the entire time. I have been contemplating this for a long time and have decided to share my thoughts and experiences. that being said I will Delve into pretty much anything relating to World of Warcraft including PvP, Raids, Progression, Instances, Guild, and general rants.

      My Point of view will probably be biased towards the classes I actually play. I will Always welcome opposing views and Constructive Criticism as long as it is kept intelligent and civil. I will also Be adding links to Other Blogs and Sites that I enjoy. I hope you enjoy or at least get a laugh out of my insanity. And Please feel free to leave a comment. And If anyone is interested in being a guest blogger please let me know.


About druxus

Been Making Azeroth Dangerous since Burning Crusade

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  1. Hello and welcome to blogging. 🙂

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