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Dragon Raiders Xtreme

The Guild I am in is recruiting some quality players to begin raiding. We are not overly strict on Gear or past experience, We like to have fun and understand that WoW is a game and real life takes priority. We normally start raids around 9pm EST . The guild is a family like environment and is well established on the server haviung been here since 2008. We are lvl 19 at the current time. If you are Interested Message me either Here or IG on the Shu’ halo server


The Legendary Test

Earlier this week Larísa Of  The pink Pigtail Inn Wrote About wow Burnout      I myself have recently returned from wow after a prolonged vacation. The vacation was due to real life issues but I feel that it did me a world of good. I was shell-shocked when I returned having left during WOTLK and returning after cataclysm. But I came back with a renewed interest in the game. However I noticed recently that my friends list is getting smaller and smaller as people either leave the game or server transfer and I look back on the past with mostly fond memories. I still have a few good friends in the game and I don’t foresee me leaving the game for good anytime soon, However I do not pass the legendary test anymore because I realized I don’t care about raiding.

     I used to eat sleep and breathe raiding I was the raid leader in a few semi hardcore raiding guilds and every moment in WoW was spent doing something involving raiding either farming, planning, discussing, or recruiting. Since I have returned I have not lead anything and I am enjoying it a lot more. However I think I may be raided out. I raided in BC, WOTLK. the people I am raiding with now don’t even know what BC is and Half of them were not around until ICC. I am more than happy to let some of the new blood take up the legendary carrying duties. I no longer go “oh shiny” when an epic drops. I don’t know the loot tables of any of the bosses in cata and don’t care to.

Will I leave WoW…Yes I will, I don’t know when might be next week if something happens or I might be the last one left to turn out the lights on Shu’Halo

Does Shu’Halo=Shu’Failo

Having been on Shu’Halo since a few months after they flipped the switch I have seen many, Many people come and go and A lot of my friends have left for other servers. For a few years now the Shu has been the laughingstock of progression. I don’t know a lot about the horde side of things but I know that the alliance side is rather pathetic in the progression side of things. The best guild on the Alliance side is 4/13 Heroic according to wowProgress.

     I don’t really know why this is. It could be a lack of quality players or the fact that every guild wants to be a raiding guild. It seems to me that if someone were to gather up all the good player and really make a run at things it would help the server overall. Instead we have 60 guilds all trying to raid and all failing. I know that the guild I am in has been hammering at new content for a few weeks now with very little progress.

     So what can be done to fix the server?

Starting out

I have decided to start a WoW blog. I have been Since Burning Crusade and on the same 2 servers the entire time. I have been contemplating this for a long time and have decided to share my thoughts and experiences. that being said I will Delve into pretty much anything relating to World of Warcraft including PvP, Raids, Progression, Instances, Guild, and general rants.

      My Point of view will probably be biased towards the classes I actually play. I will Always welcome opposing views and Constructive Criticism as long as it is kept intelligent and civil. I will also Be adding links to Other Blogs and Sites that I enjoy. I hope you enjoy or at least get a laugh out of my insanity. And Please feel free to leave a comment. And If anyone is interested in being a guest blogger please let me know.