Raiding Again

So this week the Alliance of guilds Downed the our first 2 Bosses in MoP, the Stone Guard and Feng The Accursed Both on Normal 10 man.The Alliance of guilds is a Raiding only alliance between Determinus and Dragon Raiders Xtreme. Both of our Kills were sloppy and the quality just isn’t there. We still don’t have enough players between the 2 guilds to fill a 10 man so we are using Openraid to fill the open spots. When I looked at the world of Logs reports for these fights, I noticed some of the DPS was way lower than is should have been for the gear level they had. When I Looked into this further I noticed that a few of the raiders were missing enchants, Gems and/or Reforging. This is a new team and I am happy to be raiding again.

     How do you diplomatically tell People that they need to get their gear in order. I have seen Many times where having all gear optimized and being flasked and fed has made the difference between a wipe and a kill. Being that this is an alliance I am hesitant to do anything to jeopardize the alliance. Maybe I just need to lay the cards on the table and talk to the other guild leader.

    Still running Dragon Raiders Xtreme and trying to keep my Sanity at the same time. Luckily I have some of the best officers in WoW and they keep alot of the strain off of me.

I have been a raider in WoW since Burning Crusade, Granted I have taken some time off now and again for personal reasons but I have raided in Every expansion. I have noticed good and Bad in every Expansion. Burning Crusade had some of the most creative scenery. And it seems like the longest lasting expansion. Wrath of the Lich King expanded on the Lore and was the first expansion to use LFG for the whole expansion. Cataclysm redid the landscape of Azeroth. Mists has added more vibrant scenery, and the fact that there is never a lack of things to do in game. For the most part Blizzard’s changes have been for the better. Although I disagree with the Simplicity of the game now it is obviously the direction that appeals to most of the players. What really saddens me is the loss of active players on my server. As many of my readers know I have taken over as Guild master of Dragon Raiders Xtreme and it has been a rough time so far. The guild has lost most of the active players and we are down to about 10-15 that actually log on. Recruiting has gotten us nowhere. Shu’Halo is one of the lower pop realms (New player tag Arrgh) and most of the raiders are in a guild or server transferred long ago. I have a long road to travel but I have some help and the guild has been around for about 4 years which is an eternity in blizzard time. I will not let it fail.

Justice and valor Gear

I have browsed much of the justice gear and I have to say I am not impressed. The item level for justice gear is only 458. So Basically you get better gear by grinding heroics then by spending the points you get by grinding heroics. I expected the justice point gear to be at least IL 463 or enough to get into LFR. I am just not seeing the point behind the JP gear righht now. Maybe it is just me or maybe I am missing Something.


I am now Tanking full time and trying to gear up for LFR. I find Tanking in MoP to be easier than cata for some reason.

So now I am a guild master……..

So recently I became the GM of Dragon Raiders Extreme on Shu’Halo. The old GM stepped down and is now an officer in the guild, She just didn’t have the time anymore and after 4 years of maintaining the guild I think she was tired. And I have to say the first few days have been intimidating to say the least. There are around 215 members in DRX. I have received help from some great officers, Hezediah (New Raid Leader) and Armitage (Officer). One of the hardest things right now is establishing where loyalties lie. I expect to lose a few people that were only around because of the old GM. I am not planning on making any changes to the rules or policies that Keeyara had established. I guess the next week or so will be the telling point as people log on and make their decisions.

6 Hours to Pandaria

I am sitting here finishing some last-minute end of expansion chores and preparing to get Forz levelling. before I go live I need to clean out my Personal banks and guild Banks, Put some items into the void storage. And stack some daily quests to turn in for fast xp at launch. I need to make sure food and drinks are bought and ready and all toons are armored up and ready to go. I need to check my add ons and make sure they are good to go. Carbonite is no longer being maintained so I will probably get rid of it and go to the blizzards quest tracker. All industries are shut down for “retooling” with the exception of glyphs. I plan on posting a massive wall of monk glyphs and maybe making a good amount of gold. I will probably donate a lot of stuff to guild banks. Other than that I have enough gold to hold me till I get going again and will start all industries fresh at level 90.


As far as levelling I am going to level my toons in this order:

1. Forz First (85 tankadin)

2. Forzaken (85 Hunter)

3 Codex (85 Guardian Druid)

4. Druxus (85 Warlock)

5. Vodaken (85 Death Knight)


If anyone wants My Battletag is Druxus#1223 Please feel free to add me


As most of you have noticed if you read this blog on the website. I have picked a new theme. I felt it was time for a change and figured a new expansion was the perfect time.

Cross server Zones….. Far out Dude

Shu’ Halo is one of the server blessed by the cross server zone thing. I was surprised to find out that Ironforge is a cross server zone. I know we are sharing the ironforge zone with garrosh server. Now if I were the type to enjoy some mind altering drugs once in a while This would flip me back to the hippie era. There is soo many questions that could be asked:

Is Garrosh on Shu’Halo’s server or is Shu’ Halo on Garrosh’s server? Are we on a neutral server?

Is it the same as an instance where I can’t give anything to a Garrosh player or can stuff be traded? (I will test this)

If the Horde attacks IF will they be on Shu’Halo version of IF or Garrosh version?

Will garrosh and Shu’Halo be able to team up and kill the horde or just 1 server?

So many Questions. So Few answers Luckily I have a few weeks to get answers and if nothing else relieves the boredom until MoP

Post patch notes

So I have had some time to look over the changes to the game since the big patch. It will take some getting used to. I am still not used to stacking expertise on my hunter. The loss of a melee weapon hasn’t affected me at all since they took out the minimum range requirement. It seems like Beast mastery is now able to hold its own with the other 2 specs.

I am still adjusting to my paladin the biggest change that has affected me has been the addition of 1.5 more seconds to Crusader Strike and Hammer of the Righteous, Seems to throw off my rotation and leave me with a little dead zone.

My warlock has had the biggest change with all pets getting redone. Granted Playtime on my Warlock has been limited so I am not fully familiar with all the other changes.

I just turned my druid into a guardian So there are no changes that I have to deal with :)

Pants Down

So I got caught with my pants down On the ink trader change. I knew it was coming I just didn’t have the time needed to stock up on all the needed inks to keep my glyph supplies running for this last month before MoP. Rather than pay exorbitant fees for the exact herbs to make the glyphs I am going to pull all glyphs from the market right before the patch and hold them until much closer to patch day. I am hoping that the other glyph sellers will run out of glyphs and the prices will rise. Or 1 or 2 competitors will buy out the other glyphs right after patch and try to sell at higher prices near launch either way I think holding onto them right now is the way to go for me.

Preparing for MoP

Everyone has already beaten these preparing for MoP post into the ground but I am behind the curve So I figure I would start late. I received a Beta invite and downloaded the beta. I haven’t actually logged in yet, I am hesitant to reveal too much of the new content to myself before launch because it will make the new feeling wear off that much quicker.

Currently on my Achievement  hunter I am trying to finish Loremaster before the expansion because blizzard has this evil habit of resetting the stupid thing everytime. As far as who to level when MoP comes out Forzaken (Hunter) will be first Forzaken was the first toon to level 70 and has led the way in every expansion pack so far. After that I am still undecided between Druid or Paladin. The paladin has been pretty much tank only since Wotlk And the druid has always been boom chicken. For MoP  the Druid is going to go Feral tank (I think the new in word is Guardian) I may keep the paladin as tank or might go healer. The Lock will probably be the last of the max level toon to move to 90 I enjoy playing the lock, I am just not any good at it.

I am leery of MoP my totally uneducated impression of it is the descent of WoW into more easy mode. I might log into the beta in the next day or 2 and poke around.


Actually I should state that I am looking for a guild that raids. Not necessarily hardcore. I want it to be a larger guild but still a guild where I will have a name and not a number.  Must have friendly leaders and players. I am an old fart alos so Mature players are a plus


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